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Extend Base Station Range (Without using WiFi Extender)

I would like to have a base station range extender device that I can plug into any socket extending the range of my existing base station. I do not want to have multiple base stations. I simply want a solution that is easy and simple to install so that I can have cameras in the garage or garden, while at the same time protecting my house.


It is a bit astounding that if I want to extend the range of my Arlo cameras I need to add another hardwired (Cat5) Hub/Station, in this day and age?  The company that founded Arlo makes the Orbi Mesh systems that self replicate. Arlo really needs to come up with a better option for this.


I spent a lot of money covering my property with WiFi, so i can use my wireless devices with strong signals anywhere on the large property, inside and out.  Now I spent a bunch of money on Arlo cameras and can't use them except in one small area.  It defeats the whole purpose of having the cameras.  I want one at my gate entry, on my driveway etc etc.  Seems very odd there is no solution or way to tie the cameras into my network.  Am i missing something?  or is this a useless product at this point?  except for covering a small area around one building.  I thought the "wireless" camera was going to be like the Nest cameras I have been using, tied into my local network and able to place anywhere on my property!  Powered by solar in the remote areas....

Also support was not useful at all.  


Hello, it seems the arlo company could care less about this problem...many many have contacted me about the same problem...they want you to buy more than one Arlo system so they can charge you more for the same service...they want you to set up two ARLO routers...they think that is the fix...I am told a different company will be releasing their system which will allow you to use any router...that will solve this issue...I will gladly get rid of ARLO and switch...I cannot wait...


Given that the Pro 3 Floodlight can be used without a base station it seems that the range + base station only connection limitations are purposeful.  They were the clear market leader when I was researching and I bought the highest spec model of the time (Ultra).  Its a bummer and a bit odd as this limit is counter intuitive for a product that is wireless.  The whole point of going wireless is to free yourself from the restrictions of wiring or having to locate the cameras close to power sources etc.    


Wish I had read this prior to wasting all this money on Netgear WiFi extenders and additional arlo hubs.  Very frustrating to watch such low quality software fail time and again. 


The range is awful. If the camera doesn't have 3 full bars, the performance is terrible and barely usable. I have a camera that is about 20 feet away from the hub facing my driveway. It has 2 bars and I often can't connect or see a live view. When I'm able to connect, live view is delayed about 20-30 seconds. So to extend the range, I need another router that needs to be hardwired. So many wires for a wireless system. I'm having some buyer's remorse.


I think it’s funny that they give you a 6ft cord and tell you to mount the base station 10 ft minimum from the router/WiFi  or it will cause problems.    
  The cameras, I have 9 on 3 base stations, miss a lot of events unless you use the local thumb-drive memory.  
Definetly not worth the investment.