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Extend Base Station Range (Without using WiFi Extender)

I would like to have a base station range extender device that I can plug into any socket extending the range of my existing base station. I do not want to have multiple base stations. I simply want a solution that is easy and simple to install so that I can have cameras in the garage or garden, while at the same time protecting my house.

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Hi @Travelingsim,


You can read this article to learn how to extend the range of your Arlo System here: How can I extend the range of my Arlo system?

I know about this solution, but it still does not help regarding covering my garage and garden when the distance from my house is too big. I would still like to see just a simple solution where I can plug a device into the socket and extend the Arlo range and not move my internet router or try to connect the base station to a WiFi range extender. It does not solve the problem when the distance is big. I agree that this works inside a house or a garage close to the house. But what I need is a way to give good Arlo coverage multiple places on my property when the distance is too long to give good coverage in both places.

We had the same issue with our set up, in the end I have laid a 30 metre cable to our shed, plugged into a switch set and added a second base station.  It seemed a bit complicated until after break for dinner.  When I returned to continue the set up it had sorted itself out and I now have 2 base stations and 5 cameras covering our house and shed. 


Being that the Arlo Ultra system uses wifi, you guys should allow the ability to extend that range through the use of netgear range extenders or an Arlo branded one. If we had the password to the SSID we could easily do this ourselves. I don't think this omitted as a security thing, I think it's to make it so we can't extend the wireless ourselves and have to buy an additional product. 

For the sake of the Ultra to succeed, it needs give us the ability to extend it's wireless range. It's not nearly as good as the Arlo Pro 2's range. I can't go beyond the outside wall of my house with these whereas my Pro 2's can function fine where my property line ends.

Also, the massive bandwidth requirements of 4K video causes a lot of frame dropouts when the camera has a week connection.

Why do I have to buy a second Ultra Hub to get the signal to the 4 comers of my house?