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Enable Custom Modes from IFTTT

It looks like there are a number of threads around the Arlo community forum about triggering custom modes from IFTTT, but this feature request didn't seem to be captured in the idea exchange, so wanted to capture this feature request here.


This has been raised elsewhere as part of multi-idea posts but wanted to list it seperately to give it more visibility.


I would like to see the modes for a basestation exposed to IFTTT so that better control can be acheived.  At present you can only arm and disarm.  I would like to be able to revert back to "scheduled" based on an event from IFTTT.

I agree great feature to add



You seem to have some expertise in using Arlo and IFTTT, and I am hoping you can help me troubleshoot my logic.  I am new to Arlo, but not new to programming.  I have a problem I've been trying to solve using IFTTT.  Arlo does not allow you to run 2 different modes automatically (geo and schedule in my case).  I want to have Arlo turn itself on when all of us leave the house, and also to arm itself on a schedule at night (only arming 2 of the 4 cameras).  For the "away from home" I have to use Geo on Arlo (because there are multiple people coming in and out of the house, so it needs to only arm when ALL are out of the house).  But then I also want Arlo to arm the outside cameras only (I have 2 outside and 2 inside) at 11:30pm and disarm at 5 am when we are home.  I do this through IFTTT.   Two problems:  IFTTT does not allow me to choose which cameras to turn on and which ones to leave off.  And secondly, Arlo does not revert back to Geo once IFTTT disarms it at 5 am.  Any advise/pointers/links will be ppreciated!


Hi PattyPP, this is exactly what's motivating the feature idea requested here. Although, we'll also need to add that it would be great to be able to trigger any Arlo mode from IFTTT, whereas the request specifically mentions custom, but you're also asking for Geo - which makes sense.


Regarding your first problem: Because Arlo already supports custom modes where you can enable/disable different cameras, it makes most sense to create a custom Arlo mode which enables the camera setup you want, and then, if IFTTT could enable you enable/disable an Arlo custom mode, then you'd be all set.


Re: problem #2 - Same thing. If Arlo enabled arbitrary mode triggers in IFTTT (including Geo), then you could re-enable Geo at 5am when the Arlo schedule mode disarms it, with another IFTTT time trigger.


Please add a kudos to this request, and feel free to redirect others with similar issues to this request so that we can get the Arlo team to acknowledge/add these features to IFTTT.


Arlo team: Would be great to have access to trigger all Arlo modes, including custom modes in IFTTT, and including Geo.


Thanks PattyPP.




I do have custom modes set up for night time and vacation.  But as you say, IFTTT can only access Arlo's generic "arm" and "disarm".  Having Arlo access these other custom modes would solve one problem.  The other option would be for Arlo to do this outside of IFTTT.  In other wors, have a way to program Arlo to switch between the Geo and Schedule modes as you leave and return home...


Agree, and makes sense PattyPP.


I opted to request the IFTTT route, for a couple reasons.


1) I'm integrating Arlo with Samsung SmartThings, where IFTTT is the perfect conduit between the two. My use case is based on trigger events that are external to the Arlo system (additional presence/motion sensors that aren't cameras or phones).

2) Thinking through the work required from the Arlo team, the IFTTT route seems like an easier solution for them, given that it doesn't require Arlo to replicate the more complex trigger functionality you're describing (which I'm guessing many Arlo users won't need/understand), and also relieves the Arlo team of providing another more complex UI for this functionality throughout their apps across multiple devices/web interface.


It does sound like being able to trigger any Arlo mode through IFTTT would solve both your problems. But, please let me know if I'm wrong about that.






I might have found a way, using the Arlo GeoFencing:


1.  Create a Custom mode.  I call this "night at home".  In this mode I select which cameras I want turned on, and what I want each to do when triggered.


2.  Create a schedule using the Arlo "Schedule" mode.  In this schedule I turn "Night at home" mode at 11:30 PM and turn it off at 5:00 am


3. In "GeoFencing" Select mode, I use the "Arm" mode for away, and "Schedule" mode for home.  


In theory this should work.  But I see it gets "lost" after 24 hrs.  I suspect it has to do with it turning into "disarm" mode after being on "schedule" mode all night.  It should go back to the GeoFencing mode (since it was "called" from that mode) but it isn't doing so.  It just stays in unarmed mode, and I have to manually put it in Geofencing mode every morning.  But at least this is a progress!


Please add support for custom modes in IFFT. I wish to enable my custom modes when our house alarm is disarmed, i.e. wHen we are home, and enable all cameras when our house alarm is armed, i.e when we leave.


I also want to enable a reduced sensitivity mode if I get more than X triggers per minute, to automatically reduce the sensitivity on a windy day with blowing trees in view.


IFTTT right now doesn't give me anywhere near the capabilities I was expecting.


Thanks a lot



Please add custom modes in IFTTT.


I want to synchronise my ismartalarm 'at home' mode with the the custom mode in arlo...


Please add the possibility to arm custome modes from IFTT, that would rely be a game changer for the intergration of Arlo in to smart homes.