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Allow CVR downloads

Please add a "record" button to the CVR view, just like the Live view.  That way, you can save CVR streams to your library that did not happen to get recorded for whatever reason.


The ability to make clips (ideally timestamped) and the ability to download them, for use in situations that may require easily accesible video/audio evidence.


This feature is MUST! Currently I could only rewind my stream, but could not save it for later if needed. Event a quick integration with Dropbox or FTP fould sound a perfect solution.  


It would be an excellent improvement if you could down load clips from the CVR stream, at the momernt the only video i can download is from the library.

there are times when the mortionb detyection missed the start or finish of an incident, which i can see in CVR but cannot capture and download it, yes i could use third party captiure software but i would loose quality.

For  the price i paid for the Camera nad the subscription toy CVR the least you could do is add this feature, The Nest camera system allows you to capture clips in their software, so you are behind your competitors in terms of capability, and its an important feature to have.


I agree, just paid the year subscription service for CVR, only to find out there is no Fast Forward  button, no record my own events, or even download so I can play in a video app that can fast forward. Please Arlo, would love these features added in an update soon.


I agree that it's a must, otherwise what value is added?

Personally I like the idea of selecting a timeframe which you could import into your library (and less work for arlo development folks).

Then you can download from there (even if broken down into the 5 min clips).


I just bought the CVR plan and hope the feature to download video clip will be available soon. 

Geolocation has been "in beta" since before I bought the system a year and a half ago.. That feature is very spotty. The IFTTT integration is ONLY for FULLY armed, or FULLY disarmed.. There is no capability to have it return to a schedule for recording. This would be useful if say, you only wanted certain cameras armed at night when you are home, but all cameras armed when you are away. This cannot be reliably done with Arlo currently.. (Note, if they would fix the geolocation that is still in "beta", then it would be great and there would be no need for IFTTT) The smartthings integration is not that much better.. The only reason I bought was they were listed as compatible with smartthings. The fine print did not tell you the limitations. Arlo is and has been a disappointment since the day I purchased.

I fully agree with you guys ! It’s absurd that I can’t save the CVR recordings into my library and download them locally. We must be able to select parts of the videos and also have time stamps. I have raised the problem to the support and they adviced to use a screen video capture app ))) is that a joke ?

Moreover, if I start a manual recording and than I close the app, the recording stops !  And... I can’t access the files recorded on the microsd of the Arlo Ultra station ! How is possible all this ? They are basics...


Change the status to Engineering. It’s totally unusable the CVR like you have implemented it.


I just want the ability to download the entire CVR 24 hours from CVR,