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Dynamic Continuous Recording on Motion

There is already a request for continuous recording but this is a little different.


Have a Checkbox for Dynamic Continuous Recording


You set your Camera to record on motion for 10 seconds and If with only 4 seconds left on recording and motion is still active, add another 10 seconds, and keep adding 10 if the motion threshold of 4 seconds left has been met or what threshold you set it at.

If no motion, stop at 10.


Most hits usually is a person or an animal or something passing by and usually out of frame within 3 to 5 seconds.

So now I can set my cameras for 10 seconds and if it is something passing through, my camera only records for 10 seconds and my battery life now has been extended.  If there is movement, with my threshold setting set, recordings will keep going and I will capture everything without the need for the cameras to reset and miss something.

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Status changed to: New Ideas

This idea is coming up on 2 years old but seems like the best way to make the batteries in the camera last longer since you are able to set typical time really short since if there is still motion it will continue to record so it won't miss anything.


Any updates?

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Status changed to: Partially Implemented

This feature was implemented in Arlo Q, and will be coming soon for Arlo Pro.


I would like to see an option for the camera to continue to record while motion or sound is detected instead of a finite, pre set time... or perhaps with a time frame to stop recording after motion or sound has ceased.



Yes I would like to see this option too. It can be annoying to capture something only to have the clip end before something interesting happens.

Or to have another clip start recording and miss the action inbetween.


indeed this will be a great feature, especially now with the Arlo Pros


I note that in March this year it was noted that the feature is coming soon for Arlo Pro - any news on just Arlo cameras? This feature would make the system really practical!