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Schedule Camera(s) to take Pictures

I am using Arlo for a construction project Im currently working on. This project will be going on for more than a year. It would be great if you could add a feature that would allow me to schedule the camera(s) to automatically take a picture at certain points during the day. For example, I would like to be able to place markers on the schedule at 11:00am and 4:00pm and then have the camera(s) turn on a take a picture at those selected times. This would be great for eventually putting together a timelapse of the project over a year's time. 


Thanks - Peter


In live streaming there is an option to take snapshots... this option should be added to to the cameras in the rules when setting up.


I find snapshots to be easier to view and I guess may save on runtime for batteries.


Would love to be able to schedule the snapshots, say once an hour or something

I miss this option from Vuezone as well.  It is expecially useful in high traffic areas.


Bring that and the digital pan/zoom on demand with live video over and we're making progress!



There is an icon of a camera, looks like for snapshot, on the mode settings page, but it isn't available. You create rules with it's settings, then assign them to a mode. When creating a mode, you can see a camera icon but it isn't green because it's not enabled in the rule, and in the rules there is not option for it.

Maybe it is halfway implemented and just not available yet?

I agree. Snapshot option is huge improvement. Just like Wade, I saw the camera option, tried everyway to turn it on, and gave up as it must not be active (or only for paid subscribers). Seems like this would save cloud storage space for netgear if this were enabled.

I just installed my Arlo today and the camera feature is working. I hit play button for live feed and then just clicked camera button. 


@Happymom - That feature has been there since they were released. We can all take a picture with the camera manually anytime. What this thread is about, is setting a rule to make the camera take a picture when it detects motion all on its own, without a person having to click the snapshot button manually.


Oh, I see...sorry I am a newbie and just excited about its features. 


This would be a very handy feature for many reasons. Say you want to keep your stock in check - you can use the camera to take a single picture every day and this way you can easily see the stock shift during the course of a week or month. 


It would be very useful as an alternative to the motion sensing I can't get to work for me.