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Schedule Camera(s) to take Pictures

I am using Arlo for a construction project Im currently working on. This project will be going on for more than a year. It would be great if you could add a feature that would allow me to schedule the camera(s) to automatically take a picture at certain points during the day. For example, I would like to be able to place markers on the schedule at 11:00am and 4:00pm and then have the camera(s) turn on a take a picture at those selected times. This would be great for eventually putting together a timelapse of the project over a year's time. 


Thanks - Peter


Seems like a pretty basic feature to me. Every other IP camera I've used has this feature. When I purchased the Arlo system some of the literature I read lead me to believe that this feature was available. I would not have purchased them if I had known that you could not schedule something as simple as sending a picture.


Let's hope this gets addressed soon.


I would like to use such an option would greatly enhance the product.




Yes please!! This would be extremely useful and seems pretty straightfoward. Snap a picture on a regular basis would be a fine way to implement.


would be nice if this was acknowleged or even a it cannot be done something please

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Status changed to: Future Consideration
Yes this would be so great! Netgear add this feature and I could convince my family to buy these cool cams.
User requested modifications usually increase sales! Design is great I really like my Arlos.
Alast some important features are missing. Add a weatherproof usb battery cover for solar chargers, then I can power my cams independently without need for the batteries. If needed.

Add time lapse! For crying out loud!

Sometimes instead of seeing streaming live video i would just like to see a picture taken. that will save battery


so maybe a button that you put Live Picture. 


After that maybe another mode where each 1hr  take a picture and send it to your mail.




It bogels my mind that a "record at time of day or number of times per day" is not supported. Yes, recording on sound and motion is cool (and useful) but this camera could be soooooo much more with a simple record feature where I can specify how many per day, week, month etc and then choose to records a still or a video segment. My use-case is to record a still every hour.

+100 for thsi idea. Saves on space, bandwidth, timing, etc. If I put it on live video it buffers for 20 seconds before I can see anything, and then there is a delay as well.



I just bought the kit with the 4 cameras.  My wife thinks I am crazy, but oh well.


I really would like this to be a mode we could set so that certain cameras were motion sensing and others could be specific intervals.  Or we could mix it, similar to a trail camera.  It doesn't seem that difficult to implement since it is only software.


Any updates on getting this into a firmware update soon?