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Drop the included wall charger and cable from the spare battery to reduce costs

Arlo Pro Rechargeable Battery – Designed for Arlo Pro Wire-Free Cameras (VMA4400)


Since the Arlo cams come with a charger I find the included charger with the battery unnecessary. I'd like to see a $39 price point sans charger.

That does seem odd that they would sell an accessory battery with a charger for a device that already includes a charger.
That's a change... I purchased Jan 6 and it has a USB cable and charger meant to plug into camera. I thought the optional extra battery came with a charger that would charge batteries without the need of camera. I would prefer charging and then swapping batteries. I'd like to see a 4 cell intelligent charger that would charge 4 batteries then switch to off or trickle mode so you always had 4 fresh batteries to swap.