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Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell

It would be great if you could turn off the "Leave a Message" feature of the doorbell.


This could also be Geo-fence based?




More follow-up, folks, from a fellow disgruntled Arlo customer.  Here's the latest "boilerplate" response from Arlo Support to the post immediately above:

"I understand that you would like to turn off the "Leave a message" feature of your Arlo Video Doorbell even when the silent mode is on. I sincerely do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please be informed that whenever the incoming call option is turned off, the leave a message feature will be enabled. Also, when you do not want to answer the call, it will direct you to the "Leave a message"."


And here's my reply:

Read this carefully...
What I, and numerous other users want is the ability to Turn Silent Mode OFF, so that it doesn't call my cellphone, AND Disable the "Leave a Message" prompt message at the doorbell itself. In other words, we want the ability to Disable ANY and ALL features we individually decide we DO NOT WANT! Or to put it another way, we'd like the ability to make it a "dumb" doorbell if we so choose. As a retired Electrical Engineer, I find it unconscionable that Arlo Engineers do not seem understand this!


Once again, look at the five (5!) pages of requests on this Arlo Community link:


I'm sorry to be a whiner, folks, but like most of you, I fail to understand Arlo's stance on this issue.  Here's the latest feedback I received from Arlo Support:


"Upon checking your case transcript, you want to just keep the features you want for your Arlo device, I understand that this may be frustrating for you and some users. For now, there is still no option to turn off the leave a message features. We value your reaction and comments on our product and services. We will use this to improve them further and avoid inconvenience to our valued clients."


WHAT?!  "Keep the features...???"  To paraphrase from Cool Hand Luke, "What we have here is a failure to communicate!"  Well, I'm done.  Here was my reply to Support:

GREAT! So, it seems that MANY, MANY users have been clamoring for this for over two years, and yet Arlo Marketing and Engineering deem it unworthy of the attention it deserves. Fine. While I feel the Arlo Doorbell could be a GREAT product, in my eyes it is only mediocre, and you have lost a customer.


I eventually got rid of mine and bought a Ring doorbell instead. A bit pricier (but not that much considering it has a camera) but way better in every aspect.



I originally had a Ring doorbell that ended up failing after two years, so I decided to give the cheaper (and  well-ranked) Arlo unit a try.  I was actually quite pleased with it until I came across the annoying "Leave a Message" prompt.  Looks like I'll be heading back to Ring.  Arlo got my revenue once, but never again.


Oh good, the gangs all here...


Well, Arlo Supports latest feedback to me shows that they are REALLY on top of things (NOT!):


Upon checking your case, you are having an issue with your Arlo Video Doorbell. Please provide us an update regarding your concern and your Arlo Camera System. If you have further questions let us know and we would gladly assist you. We'll look forward to your next response.


And my answer to them:

Nope, not gonna do it. I've "communicated" with Arlo Support far more than should be necessary, and I'm tired of the canned answers you spew. It's obvious to me that Arlo none of my concerns have been passed along to Engineering , since they don't even properly acknowledge the issue, only that "it's not possible." Arlo got some of its revenue from me. Never again. I'm going back to Ring!




In the app the Video Doorbell can be set in silent mode.

I can mute calls and chime when in silent mode.

However I need an option to disable Voicemail.

I do not want anybody to be asked to leave a message when they press my Video Doorbell.


Did the ability to disable the "you may leave a message" announcement to a visitor ever get added? Otherwise this is a deal breaker and I'll just return my arlo doorbell to Amazon. Not sure why the development team thinks they know better than their end users. This product is a doorbell, not an answering machine. 


The "Leave Message" feature has been the single worst aspect of the Arlo doorbell.  This feature is so bad that we have been compelled disconnect the Arlo doorbell and purchase and install one from a different video doorbell provider.  This has been a very expensive and horrible experience.  Not only is the "Leave Message" feature awful but the customer service team (or rather non-customer service team) has completely ignored a multitude of requests to make a way to disable this feature.  As a result, I will never recommend any Arlo product ever.


I returned my doorbell to Amazon due to the inability to disable this "leave a message" nonsense. Would suggest others do the same and purchase a model from a different manufacturer that listens to its customers. It's not like Arlo is the best doorbell in town (it's not). 


I’m strongly concerning the same. This is be a simple fix— give us the option to disable it. We don’t want it, it’s simple. 

but yea, the self fix is to replace it, and use your voice and platform for others to be aware as well when they are making decisions about the doorbell.