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Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell

It would be great if you could turn off the "Leave a Message" feature of the doorbell.


This could also be Geo-fence based?




Have to add my comments here as well, installed the doorbell and was irked to hear "leave a message" announcement and frustrated that I couldn't find a way to disable it.  PLEASE ALLOW US TO DISABLE THIS FEATURE!!! The video aspect of the camera works very well, I get alerts on my app when it detects motion.  I have several other Arlo Cameras at two different homes, but this might seriously get me to change course.


Please add me to this growing list of dissatisfied customers. I totally agree with all who've expressed their frustration not only with your product, but with your lack of even caring to resolve it. This is NOT the way a company should be run.


The original post for this was 2 years ago and still not acknowledgement from Arlo that it will/not be addressed! 


I'm almost at the point of returning the Arlo doorbell because of the lack of this simple feature. I really want to be able to toggle off the leave a message feature. It would be even better if this could be set based on geofencing but I'd be perfectly happy without that.

Lots of people don't press the button hard enough the first time and then try to press the bell again but it doesn't work. I'm pretty shocked I didn't see any mention of the fact that this does not act like a normal doorbell in any of the reviews as the product seems pretty broken without it.


Has there been an update to disable the auto message request after the doorbell has been rung.  I would like to be able to turn it off.  Any updates on this issue?


Why can’t ARLO get this option added? Been reading the comments back to 2019. Am a new user and we need to disable the message function on the door bell or go to a ring product.


I'm with everyone else!

Just give us the option to toggle the "leave a message" feature on or off...please 🙂


+1 to this


Guy, guys, guys.  Give up!  I switched back to Ring and I'm never lookin' back.


It's obvious that Arlo just DOES NOT CARE!


Call settings options include: turn off speaker, mute mic and leave a message. No combination of off or on prevents the announcement—have tried them all and the announcement to leave a message plays no matter what.  Plus the leave a message button won’t slide/change—it’s permanently off.