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Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell

It would be great if you could turn off the "Leave a Message" feature of the doorbell.


This could also be Geo-fence based?




I'm an Arlo audio doorbell user, and I support this message.


Please allow us to disable the 'leave a message' feature 




Terrific idea. I've only had the Arlo Doorbell Video camera for a couple of days and I'm already getting annoyed by the app calling me when I'm home and not being able to disable the "leave a message" feature when I press decline to shut the phone up from ringing.


WHAT!?  It's November of 2020, and there's STILL no resolution to this no-brainer issue?  I just replace a faulty Ring unit and, while I really like how the Arlo unit works, the inability to disable the "Leave a Message" feature is almost a show-stopper.  I even had an on-line chat with Arlo Support to see if there was anything that could be done.  She said to post something here for engineering to review!  A fat lot of good that's done, obviously.


Had I known about this ridiculous quirk, I would have just purchased a replacement Ring unit!  It's even more frustrating given that I'm a retired electrical engineer.


There needs to be an option to turn off the leave a message feature when the doorbell is set to ring just the chime and not call a cell phone. Currently, if you have the doorbell set to just ring the chime, it immediately tells the person to leave a message. This gives the impression that there is no one home when there may be.


Need to add my support to enable the ability to turn or toggle off the 'leave a message' recording.   This should be a very easy fix (being an ex-programmer).  Seems that Arlo drags their feet on simple product enhancements (eg: just fixed the 'turn off call' feature after 12+ mths of users complaining!).  The app built around this product is not that robust so fixing a few of these very annoying features and listening to your customers would go a long way at pleasing your customer base.


I commented on this topic on 13 November 2020, and also filed a Case Number with the complaint.  I got a follow-up message on 10 December 2020 from someone in Support who told me that the issue had been addressed, with the following instructions to disable the nagging "Leave a Message:"

To do so, please go to Doorbell settings > Call settings > ‘Leave your message’ toggle


"Yay," I said to myself, and I thanked the Support person who'd contacted me, who subsequently closed the Case. 


Unfortunately, this toggle DOESN'T WORK!  Come on, Arlo!



Update to the above.  I had an online Chat this morning.  Apparently, while the "Leave your message" toggle now appears in the App, it's still being "worked by the back office."  As a former engineer, this obviously makes absolutely no sense to me.  You NEVER incorporate a change in the App until it's been fleshed out!  But hey, I can accept "it's being worked," at least for a while longer.


RudySchneider, thanks for the update.  I cannot believe how long it is taking for Arlo to listen to community feedback and implement this feature. This thread is almost 2 years old and there are other threads that are older.  It is ridiculous that something so simple and obvious was not taken care of several years ago when pointed out by the community as a “safety feature” that makes you less safe.  It is like you are announcing to everyone that you are not home.  This is costing Arlo money.  I would upgrade to the more expensive Arlo video doorbell, but I won’t until this issue gets resolved.  And I don’t think I am the only one.  Honestly this whole situation has soured me a little bit on Arlo.  Hopefully they get this issue fixed soon and are more responsive to community feedback in the future, but I’m not optimistic.


Please hear our outcry -- Add feature to DISABLE 'Leave a message' or 'Ring doorbell again' on Arlo Doorbell. Please disable or allow the toggle ON/OFF switch for this announcement.


Here are others who have repeatedly asked for this simple, but very annoying feature. Ref:


Well, it's me again, folks.  Just got an email from Arlo Support on my Case 42144669, stating the following:


"We sincerely apologize for the delayed response. I have reviewed case 42066812 regarding the said issue and I believe the previous expert already answered your query. Do you still have other concerns regarding your Arlo system? Please feel free to reach back to us if you need assistance."  To which I replied:


"Do you guys actually communicate with each other?  And if so, are you certain you understand what is being communicated?  None of the directions that Arlo Support has given me have worked!  What I, along with MANY, MANY other Arlo Doorbell users, am asking for is a way to disable the nagging "Leave a Message" response when someone rings the doorbell."