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Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell

It would be great if you could turn off the "Leave a Message" feature of the doorbell.


This could also be Geo-fence based?




I've had the doorbell less than 6 hours and I already want a refund! The doorbell rings, then rings my phone and whilst opening the door and rejecting the call it started to tell the confused person at the door to leave a message, although I'm clearly at the door, opening it!


I'd like to turn this off completly, e.g. if I hang up the phone, just do nothing. If I answer the phone, let me speak to them.


It really can't be that hard, can it?


Agree, this is the first setting I looked for after setting up the doorbell. I bought this to replace my Ring to consolidate to one ecosystem but this is making me second guess. 

For the time being I have turned the speaker to 0% but that seems impractical for the rare times I do want to use it to communicate with the person at my door. 


I agree. I have also asked for this feature to be disabled as have many others. I tried to stay with the one ecosystem too but will be looking at other doorbells


Plus one for this


ideally a global setting for the device but then also an option on the phone when it ‘rings’ for the doorbell being pressed so you can use it as hoc


This request goes back a year and Arlo hasn’t done anything about it? It seems so simple. Please fix.


To be fair, at this point I'd be pretty chuffed if there was a doorbell API that has every setting that I could call, atleast then I could use it with IFTTT or some other service!


Please be able to disable the message!  You doesn’t like to ring a door bell twice for the fun of it!


I have 4 arlo cameras and have just added the video doorbell as I'm in the UK.  


I've turned off the leave a message functionality as every time someone rings the bell when we are in it calls mobiles and if we don't answer it asks to leave a message.  This isn't surely by design? 


The call part needs to work off Geofencing and be optional so that in home mode if the user has chime or like us has it routed through alexa then it does that but doesn't call. 


Then the leave a message won't be activated it home mode as no call is made.  Some people will want the call as they have no chime.  That's why it should be optional. 


For away mode if calling was then  made active through Geofencing then you coukd also turn on leave a message and as this would only activate if you didn't answer when away.


I can't see the benefit of calling mobiles and leave a message if you are at home.  Unless you don't have a chime of sort which I guess some may want. 


*me too* / should be able to turn off the feature, and/or use my own voice instead of an American one to answer the door. Confusion reigns with all that arrive at our front door...


On the Arlo Video Doorbell app, please add the ability to completely disable the Leave a Message function.  Not only is it annoying, it is a security issue as it implies that no one is home.  Please update the app to disable this function.