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Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell

It would be great if you could turn off the "Leave a Message" feature of the doorbell.


This could also be Geo-fence based?




So disappointing this can’t be disabled. One of Arlos best features is it’s wireless and I want to keep things in 1 ecosystem but the message thing on the doorbell hardly seems like an out of the box setting that should be on.


please arlo - let us just use it for what it is.... a doorbell and chime. If others like the message, make it optional but I’m confused as to why this is not a choice. 


Please let us disable this option.  


Just got the door bell and chime and this was the first thing I thought of. The option to turn off the leave a message function is very important imo.


Agreed. This should be an optional feature, and not mandatory.


I talked to support about half a year ago and the told me that they are working on this. But noting has happen. 

To add to this my motion detection have ghost deteciton all the time so i cant use it.

I do not whant this prodouct any more it is crap. Can i return it and get my money back?



Only just purchased the Arlo doorbell and agree the "Leave a Message" feature should be optional.  I am not sure if I will stay with the Arlo doorbell as I feel it is an indicator that no one is home - not a great security option.


Yes I asked about this a while ago and still waiting.


Agree very annoying 


This has been holding me back from buying a Doorbell. Is this still not implemented?

Still not implemented and frankly this should be the least of your worries. So many problems with it, I asked Arlo to take it back.