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Disable SSID Broadcast

Can the SSID Broadcast be disabled or Hidden from the Base Station?  thanks!


Wireless CCTV without security defeats the purpose of having a video surveilance. It is too easy to hack in. I had my smart bulbs hijacked because they broadcast their SSID. 


I have a building with 5 Arlo cameras, on a wired-only network for 20 people. This SSID is the only Wi-Fi network around, and I had 3 visitors already ask me for the password for "the Wi-Fi" to access "the Internet". Needless to say, good luck explaining to non-knowledgable persons that "This is not Wi-Fi" and "I don't have the password for that" without losing face as the local IT person.


Please allow us to disable the broadcasting of the SSID.


+1 for hidiing SSID - broadcasting the existence of a netgear/arlo netoork is stupid and unitidy, yet it is super simple to fix.


Dont you care about your customers requests NG?


I have a Netgear Arlo base station, Model VMB4000.

Want to disable SSID broadcast.


At this time there is no access into the base unit so it can't be done.


I think there is no way to remove the SSID of the base since the base has no Graphical User Interface.




Wow.  Is this really true that the Arlo Pro base station's SSID cannot be disabled?  I disable SSID broadcast as well as setup a MAC address access list as a standard practice.  Can't believe Netgear's security system does not have basic security functionality.  I just purchased an Arlo Pro system, and as others have commented, the SSID is broadcasting all over the neighborhood. If disabling the SSID cannot be done, I have to return it.  Possibly there is a near term fix.  Please advise.  Thank you.


While I think it would be a good option to have, disabling an SSID broadcast does not add any real security. With the correct software (inssider, kismet, etc.), it isn't hard to get an SSID out of an AP. 


There are many, documented recommentations to disable wifi SSID broadcasting as well as set up MAC address access as a standard practice to improve wifi security. Certainly agree, more technical individuals with the proper tools, can still hack such wifi routers, but taking these steps adds a level of obscurity.  I have access to IT network security admins and architects who support taking these steps. They do so on their own personal systems as well as enterprise, corporate systems which they support. This user controlled router functionality is essentially standard for wifi routers making the Arlo base station router relatively unique in preventing users to configure a router which resides in the user's LAN. I have returned this Arlo Pro product due to Netgear's loss of customer focus for this product and have recommended others do so as well.


I also wanted to disable the base station from broadcasting.  I purchased my arlo kit several months ago and during set up I didnt have my base station broadcast any ssid.  Recently I felt I needed to reset my network and devices and apply new settings.  While setting up my arlo devices, I've noticed it broadcast a ssid.  So did someone tamper with my base station when I purchased from amazon?  I know it is possible because I had my system not to broadcast it's ssid.