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Change mode commands using Google Home assistant

is avaiable a list of Google assistant commands?
I need to change the Mode using Google assistant, for example: "ok Google set Arlo in programmed mode"
"Ok Google set Arlo in deactivate mode"


Per the following knowledge base, this feature is supported with Alexa: What is the Assistant PIN feature and how do I use it? (


Please integrate this with Google Assistant. Currently, the only command I have found works with Assistant is showing the camera on Assistant Enabled TVs or one of the Google Home Hubs. It's ridiculous to claim support with Google Assistant and only have a feature like this enabled for Alexa. 


IFTTT only has functionality to arm or disarm, but not to set a custom mode. For example, I have a custom mode named XYZ, which turns off the interior cameras but keeps the exterior cameras on.


I would like to say "ok google turn on XYZ camera mode ", and that would be enough to switch to the custom mode.  But this doesn't seem to be possible yet even though it's been recommended for almost 2 years now. 


It would be desirable to activate/deactivate outdoor cameras via Google Assistant.  Presently, we can only request streaming to a TV.