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Change mode commands using Google Home assistant

is avaiable a list of Google assistant commands?
I need to change the Mode using Google assistant, for example: "ok Google set Arlo in programmed mode"
"Ok Google set Arlo in deactivate mode"


please let us disarm or arm by google assist or Siri


I would like this as well. I use to be able to arm/disarm via Stringify but now that's gone defunct I can't figure out a way to do it. 


I would like this as well.  I was using Stringify and different Google routines to control when my cameras would arm/disarm.   Ideally, I would prefer to select a particular mode rather than just arm/disarm.  e.g. when using a routine for going to bed or waking up, I would arm or disarm the internal cameras.  But arming/disarming would be a good start.


This is the ONLY feature I need with Google assistant! Who needs a command to view the cameras on the TV!?

I think Arlo product management need to step up and get to know your customers' needs.

I am trying to set up Google routines having like Once on a bed to Arm the Camra. Then these alarm in the morning.

I just got an Arlo Pro 2 and I'm genuinely surprised this isn't possible. I'm borderline considering a return of my Arlo system because of this. Honestly why would I ever want to watch my Arlo camera's through the Google assistant app (the only integration)? I want meaningful integration, to be able to arm/disarm my Arlo system via Google assistant commands.


You can arm, disarm and a few other things at

The specific command you're looking for is what brought me to this forum. I didn't find a command

to enter the mode I created to enable only the outdoor cameras. "OK, Google, set mode to xyz" is what

I'm looking for. 

In the meantime, I'll try not to be lazy and set the mode from the app.