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Cameras utilize siren separately from Base Station

It would be great if Arlo Q could somehow trigger the siren in the New Pro Base. It seems it would be more effective and there would be far less false alarm soundings. I have 4 outside cameras, I'm guessing the siren will be going off more than I want with false alerts. Whereas indoors when the home is empty, there should'nt be any false alarms. I'm way more concerned about someone getting into the home than a delivery to my front door.


First question my wife asked, where's the alarm ?  Smart gal, huh.  Here's the scenario, we're on vacation, things are pleasant, waves, sunset, a gentle warm breeze.   ding ding ding, a notification to the smart phone, fantastic, now we can see in real time some sob ransacking our house.  quick, call the local cops, maybe even the neighbors - to warn them to stay inside ?  maybe get a licence plate number. 


WHY DOESN'T NET GEAR Put A Blaring Horn In The System ?  Not battery powered of course, one that is plugged into the wall, triggered by Mr. Arlo  ( obviously a battery back up in the horn would be great ).  Fascinating for the level of brilliance this system has, you guys left out the most obvious feature. 


The rest of our vacation is pretty much shot.  If we didn't have Arlo, we'd be blissfully ignorant.  If we had a different alarm system with a loud horn, we'd still have our valuables.


I can't be the very first one to " bring this to your attention " ?    Who's the MBA managing you guys ?


I anticipate the canned response:  "Arlo is not, and is not advertised, as a security system".


For many years people wanted a security camera system but the wiring and installation nighmare, and labor cost, was a deterrent.  Arlo fortunately came out as a light at the end of the tunel regarding installation, but it also came with a baggage of "things that can be improved" that I hope eventually will without changing hardware.


The system is actually a hybrid between a look-alike security system and a toy, and that is better than nothing, but for those that actually need a "trusted" secuity system with 24/7 capabilities should have Arlo as a complement not a replacement, for now.


I am happy with it, but you keep making waves and maybe we can get some of these ideas implemented over version 1.


Best Regards,


Rodolfo La Maestra 


Canary does this. Honestly may just pick one of these up too.


It would be nice to have something like this. A wifi doorbell with chime to let you know when motion is detected. My phones notification isn't loud enought for me to hear it. 


I was thinking of this earlier today. When I am asleep, I won't hear the notification. It would be cool to have a specific camera to set my phone off with a crazy loud alarm. Then when the camera watching my door/windows pics up motion, my phone goes nuts, so I can wake up and catch them or call the cops. Unless you get a clear face shot, and know who the person is, they won't be able to do anything 8 hours later. The bad guy is already back at home, if he didn't make it inside your house while you were sleeping...


My quick fix is to connect my phone to a blue tooth speaker so the notifications are louder. 


It would be great if you guys could offer a standalone siren product that could be triggered either by motion or by the user pressing a button on the app. 


I would like to see additions to the product range.


1. One addition I would like to see is another unit comprising of an alarm and ability to conduct a 2 way conversation with intruders, in the same way that Piper allows you to do.


2. I'd like to see a unit which monitors temperature and potentially detects fires

Community Manager

I think there is value in both of the ideas you suggest. Thank you for sharing! 


Is it not possible to connect an external siren (from another manufacturer) to the arlo-system?