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Base to automatically restart when there is no internet connection

I had a small problem the other day, my internet was working fine and wire was connected to my Arlo Base but Base wasn't detecting my internet.

I had to restart the Base manually. Imagine if you are on holiday and you are relying on this system.


What if Arlo Base can restart it self when there is no internet connection / Basically if there is a yellow light AUTO RESTART.

Usually when I restart the Base the problem is fixed, so why not the Base do it byitself.




If cameras disconnect, could we have the option of the base to restart automatically to try to regsin connection of the Arlo cameras?

If not possible, could we have the option to setup scheduled restarts of the base?

You need to program an automatic self-reboot function into the base station that will automatically reboot the system if it is not remotely accessed within x number if days.   This way, when out of town, there would at least be a possibility of system recovery when no one is physically available to reboot the system... Please do this!!!!


I am a ndew user who has run into this issue once in the first 4 weeks.I guess in addition to providing an auto-restart if the internet connectioin isnt detected the amount of time should be configurable.  Even more important, I think, is somewthing on the Arlo camera that would reboot the camera or somehoe re-establish connect with the base station if the camera loses contact for more than XX minutes.


The lowest saignal strength in my system shows two bars on the camer which is farthest, but I'm looking for some reassurance that the system is indeed up and running. even if we have not watched the feed for a while.

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It is very important especially when someone is not physically able to reset the base. A firmware or software update shoukd do it. If that is nit possible then allow the Arlo website to serve as a way to reset the system. Many companies do this already. Arlo needs to remain reliable to customers and competitive in the market. Do not create the feature and make it part of a new device that current customers have to buy to get the feature.