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Automated message played through camera

I believe that if the Arlo Pro could playback a pre-recorded message at the time of motion detection, it would add another effective level of deterrent. 


I for one am not able to speak "live" through my phone for all occurrances of a motion detection (could be in a meeting, showering, sleeping, etc). If the message can be along the lines of..."Hi! This is an Arlo Security Camera!" it would not be inappropriate for a wanted visitor (eg delivery man) and at the same time give notice to any unwanted visitor of the presence of a security camera, which is not always seen. 


When I woke up this morning I saw a motion detection event had occured at 3AM. My phone was on silent because...well...sleep is pretty damn important to me. I saw on the video a young man in all black clothing with a flashlight looking through the windows of my car on the driveway. He probably didn't notice the camera above him. Luckily I had just cleaned out my car, so there was nothing for the man to take, but if he had heard an automated message from the camera, I imagine he would have fled immediately and not even look inside the car. 



I'm a home automation enthusiast with a bunch of various hubs and bridges and hardware integrated together - including a 4 camera Arlo Pro 2 system. I'm just adding a couple of "scare" automations that manipulate the outdoor lighting whenever my outdoor cameras detect motion at night. ( I want any intruder to feel like they have been noticed )

It would be GREAT if there were some way I could push some audio out to my camera to announce something like "This is a secure premises with video monitoring and recording. You are on camera now and the homeowner has been notified." 

I'm OK with doing a little coding on my end to make this happen, if you could just expose some kind of playAudio method in your API?