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Arlo Q - Direct Connect (Baby Monitor)

I am going to suggest a great much needed idea. Please support this so that netgear implements. Currently there is much lag when operating the Arlo q in live mode. So much lag that is makes live mode pretty much useless for monitoring a baby. Currently I have a 5-10 second delay in live mode and am connected at 60Mbps. The reason for this is that connecting through the netgear servers adds the delay to what you see on your device.

This is very easily solved my a minor enhancement. Arlo needs to be updated to allow a direct connect feature where if you are on the same network as Arlo q (home) you can enable from your smart device to connect directly to the Arlo q bypassing the servers. This would allow true real time live mode and ability to truly see if your baby needs help now (not 15 seconds ago). Arlo could name this feature "baby mode". Not very complicated with great benefits!

While in live mode (baby monitor mode) it would also be great if motion detection could be enabled and alert (ie you are watching your baby sleep in live mode. You don't want to stare at the screen for 8 hours so it would be nice to have an alert when baby moves in live mode.). Using the motion activated recording is useless for this. Takes to long to connect in to live view.

What I am asking for here can be used not just for baby monitor but other applications as well. It is such an easy change that I'm sure if others backed the need for this netgear would respond. It is in their favour since it will open them to the baby monitor market with a camera that can be used after the baby grows up as a security camera. Currently, it is a lawsuit waiting to happen where someone misses their baby choking by the 15s delay. You catch my drift. Thanks for listening.

I was fortunately able to still return my Arlo Q. In case this helps, I highly recommend getting the Ebitcam 1080p. It has local streaming, night vision is better than Arlo, little lag when using the Internet, SD card storage, pan, tilt and zoom, the list goes on....this has been great as a baby monitor!  I’m so glad I stumbled on this product. 


I returned mine too since it doesn't work for real time live streaming, and it appears that netgear has abandoned owners of this product already.  I ended up buying a Amazon Cloud Cam, and the delay is much more acceptable.  Maybe a half a second to 1 second at the most.  I think the video quality on the Arlo was a tiny bit better, but the Amazon cam works much better.


I'm prepared to return my new Arlo Q because the live-view delay (~5 seconds vs realtime) makes 2-way audio and live-view pretty much useless.


@JamesC how many kudos will it take for this to get serious consideration? I have 3 Arlo Q cameras and the lag gets worse with each additional stream. I’d even be willing to pay a small one-time fee ($25?) to enable direct local streaming. Please help get this addressed.