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Incorporate geofencing into schedule

The idea of Arlo wireless cams is great in theory however based on my real-life use cases, I find the mode settings very limiting - especially the fact that I can only program using either schedule or geofencing at any time.


We are one of those families that doesn't have a set schedule or pattern on a daily basis - especially during the daytime. My preference would be to use geofencing during daytime (hopefully we get the ability to manage geofencing based on multiple devices soon!)


For night time while we are asleep, I need to use schedule and deactivate geofencing.


I realize that I can switch modes from geofencing to schedule every evening with just a few taps but doing that daily is a royal PITA.


In an ideal scenario, I would like it to be "set it and forget it" setup. That can be easily achieved by incorporating geofencing into schedule. E.g. "geofencing" from 7am till 11pm; "schedule" from 11pm till 7am.


This would make the cameras much more useful for me. I can't imagine other users not needing this type of setup.


Requesting that you guys make this an enhancement during one of your upcoming releases.

Community Manager



It sounds like in your Geofencing settings you want to set your Home mode to Schedule and your Away mode to armed. This would mean whenever you are not home the system is Armed and whenever you are home the system is set to adhere to your schedule.


You can currently activate multiple devices in your Geofencing settings under enabled devices. If the device has a green check mark next to it, that indicates that device will utilize geofencing.






I am new to Arlo, but not new to programming controllers (PLC programming is my job). I very much like the Arlo camera and application, but I have a suggestion that would be life saving for myself and Im sure many others out there.


The new Geofencing program is great, but it really needs to be integrated with the schedule program. A good example for why is the following:


We have a dog that we let in and out of the backyard. When I'm home, I want the backyard camera disabled so it doesnt catch us every hour letting her out, so thats a plus of the Geofencing program, especially on weekends when our plans could be stay at home all day OR be out of the house all day. The only issue is, if we are home AND its night time, I want the geofencing to be overridden. When we are asleep between the hours of 10pm and 6am, I want to be notified of absolutely anything in the backyard, period, with a 1 minute camera time. Nothing at all should be going on back there.


So really, it would be nice if I could program a Saturday schedule to say:


10pm-6am: mode = night

6am-10pm: mode = Geofencing (away = armed, stay = disarmed)


Also, another place the geofencing cant help us is when our dog walkers come to let out our puppy, once a day Monday through Thursday between 12pm and 1pm (since we are gone all day). Just because we are gone doesnt mean someone acceptable isnt home. I would want to override Geofencing between those hours with the mode "Home Occupied".


On a completely separate note, it would be nice if the Arlo app for iPhone would allow me to customize the notification sound. I know a few people have chimed in on this. Just want to add weight to their suggestion. Right now, it comes in as a text sound, but Id really like to know if its a text or camera notification without grabbing my phone.


Thank you!

Community Manager



This can be accomplished with Geofencing by setting up your schedule with the desired modes during the desired times and then setting the Home Mode to "Schedule".




I didn't reaslise you could use schedule within geofencing. Thank you, JamesC. That's good to know!


I thought about this for some time, and it won't completely fix my problem. I need the ability to have multiple schedules. For my case, I would have a schedule for stay and a schedule for away. This way I will always leave it on Geofencing, and it will follow the stay or away schedules accordingly.


For stay, it would be relatively disarmed during daylight hours and fully armed at night.


For away, it would be fully armed at all times EXCEPT for the hours during the day when we have people entering our house that are not us.


Multipled schedules would be nice!




I have purchased a base station and hooked up 5 Arlo Wire Free camera's. By using IFTTT (If This Then That) service I have some of my camera's trigger a WeMo switch when motion is detected. This switch is hooked up to an Alarm Sirene. That all works pretty nice and is a nice home alarm system.


During the night I currently switch to "Schedule" mode. Until a particular time in the morning the camera's at base level in my house are armed and can trigger the Alarm Sirene if motion is detected. At some point I have that automatically switch back to a mode where only outside camera's are active to prevent my kids or myself from triggering an alarm. During the rest of the day I'm in Geofencing mode so the 'alarm' is active when I'm not at home.



It would be awesome to allow "Geofencing" mode in the Scheduler. Just like any other mode. That way I can have it automatically switch to Geofencing mode in the morning and to "Alarm, with us in the house" mode in the evening.


Thanks for reading. I hope the folks at Arlo would consider such a feature.


Yours faithfully,


Tino Kremer

The Netherlands, Europe


Hey Tino. May I ask the name of the siren product you're using?


Sure @Bluecewe, I'm using this Piezo siren. It runs on a simple 12V adapter like this one and it produces enough sound to scare any burglar away anywhere in or around the house.


Using IF This Then That (IFTTT) I have created recipes for my cameras inside the house. They are only armed when we are not home (using Geofencing in the Arlo app) so it will not fire when we are inside.The IFTTT recipe switches on a WeMo switch when motion is detected. You can find the recipe here.


You could use another 'action', like activating Philips Hue lights for example. As long as IFTTT supports it, you are set.


During the day, when I am home (retired), I don't need my inside camera to run.  I still want my outside cameras to run so I can see who is at my door, etc.  I want my inside camera to turn on automatically (geofence motion detection) when I leave the house, but I also want it to come on (scheduled motion detection) during the night while I sleep.  But I don't need the camera to run during my waking hours if I am home.  Please implement an ability to do this!! 


Be able to use both geofencing and scheduling simontenuoualy

The user may choose when / what you want to prioritise.
For example
Armed with alerts when away BUT NOT between 06:00-08:00
Disarm when home AND between 18:00-22:00 regardless of my position


I'd like to see the ability to set the Geo-Fencing mode in a Schedule.



  • "All Cameras On" between 00:00 and 06:00
  • Geo-Fencing between 06:00 and 18:00
  • "Outside Cameras On" between 18:00 and 0:00