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Arlo Geofencing - Force Location Update

Hi, I would like to suggest do add a button to re-check your actual location. Sometimes even if you are at home it keeps telling that you are away and alerting every motion. Turning GPS, wifi, mobile data off, doesn't work. The only way is to disable geofencing then enable it again. Too much work. Hope this can be improved.


I agree. I also had it think I was at home when I have been 100 miles away, and had to turn geofencing off and on to get it to reset, and even then, it's not always perfect. 


geofencing now it's realy buggy, turn it off until Netgear will release an update.


I would love to work with the geofencing, but as described above my location should be updated more often. Manual action is required now to refresh my location on my iphone.


Agree that Geofencing does not work as advertised.  It has issues identifying member phones both in and out of fencing zones, and fails to change the mode per the settings. Have not been able to set up and have it work as noted

Netgear needs to update this function as it is a great idea, but software has been executed poorly.


For my office, I have just set up a timed schedule which works pretty well since we know occupied and unoccupied time of day, and days of week.  Does not work well for home, since no real schedule to follow.


For over a year now, every time I open a support case for this geofencing issue, its always the same response:


"Thank you for pointing this out. I understand your frustration on this but rest assured, our engineers are actively working on a fix for this."


That was from last August from a "Level 2 Support Expert" .  I don't believe they are really working on this, as it should have been resolved a long time ago.  I have two other iOS apps that use geofencing, and they have worked perfectly since day one.  I continue to steer people away from this product.  Without the functioning geofencing piece, it really is worthless.

It is certainly the buggiest aspect of the Arlo app. Sometimes it works great, and other times it behaves quite erratically.

This is unbelivable!  Just updated the iOS app to the latest version 2.4.7, and once again, things keep getting worse.  How incompetent can a company be?  Over a year now and they still can't get geofencing to work.  I even tried deleting the app and data and reinstalling, but still geofencing doesn't work.

Initially after the update, it worked perfectly for 3 or 4 times I left the house.  Then the old pattern came back where it never goes into Away mode, or to Home mode when I return home.  As usual, if you bring up the app, it then changes mode.  And yes, I do keep the app running in the background all the time.

Since I recently retired, I'm going to devote myself to letting the world know what a crap product this is.  I plan to hit every social site and retailer's sites and leave brutally honest reviews and continue to personally steer people away from wasting their money on a product that just doesn't work.

Community Manager

Engineering is currently aware of and investigating an issue with Geofencing that is affecting some users. I will provide an update as soon as I have more information.




I wish I would have seen this before I engaged support.  The agent was terrifically rude and made me take the apostrophe out of my phone's name, reboot it, and then turn off geofencing and turn it back on.  I did all that but it still seems weird.  I've never had issues with geofencing until 2.4.7.  I have to go into the app, turn off geofencing, then turn it back on for it to update my location properly.  Super frustrating.


I'm definitely the sort to put up with issues, and I always try to find workarounds first before complaining. But this has gone too damn far. Geofencing problems makes Arlo an expensive piece of junk! The map puts me in zone, but the app never recognises this. I've turned off battery optimisation for app, taken out punctuation from my phone name, reinstalled the app, toggled it off and and, everything suggested. It's still refusing to work. It even goes off randomly while I'm still in zone! Frustrating and just absolutely slack on behalf of Netgear! It's stopping me from expanding my Arlo system and I'm on the verge of returning it under warranty (yes, in Australia read the Consumer Law - if I had known an advertised feature wouldn't work, I wouldn't have bought it, and that covers my claim in Australia as grounds for refund). Arlo, fix this now! It can't be that hard if IFTTT applets can do it. Just IFTTT doesn't allow me to use custom modes, another huge reason I was sold on Arlo. You get 0/10 Arlo.