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Arlo Geofencing - Force Location Update

Hi, I would like to suggest do add a button to re-check your actual location. Sometimes even if you are at home it keeps telling that you are away and alerting every motion. Turning GPS, wifi, mobile data off, doesn't work. The only way is to disable geofencing then enable it again. Too much work. Hope this can be improved.

I am suggesting that netgear adds a simple line in the aopcode if wifibasestation = wifiphone1 or if wifiibasestation =wifiphone2 set geofencing to home

I can second that switching from Arlo Geofencing to IFTTT works great for presence based mode switching.  I hate sharing passwords between apps but in this case, at least IFTTT support multi-factor, something I've been complaining to Arlo for a while.  I'd think my camera solution should support multi-factor... but that's a whole other thread.


Wow! Thanks @enjoychewy I can't believe how easy that was. In a matter of minutes, I was able to create 2 location based applets in IFTTT (one armed, one disarmed) based on a location circle I created. So I can visit a neighbor down the street and automatically arm my system. No longer do I need to be concerned with the default "circles" that Arlo provides (not that they worked anyway lol). AND no longer do I need to refresh the Arlo app everytime leave or arrive at home.


Geez Netgear, you guys need to get yor act together on this product/app. Thankfully, there are other resourceful, motivated people out there to pick up the slack for you. 


It really seems it's due to the app logging you out. If I have the app open it seems to work. Once it times out, it no longer knows where I am. 

Indeed you're right, it is mainly due to the app logging out, but that's been fixed a few updates ago. Lately it's been due to the app crashing or not being active in the background (even with battery optimisation off for the app on the Android platform). I noticed an update pushed out a week ago or so (OTA) - v 2.4.11_20331, However, the app STILL crashes. Although I've had geofencing work 50% of the time without any intervention.. I guess it's an "improvement" on the previous version. However, if I can say I've improved by getting a hit rate of 50% over 0% at work, sheesh, I'd be promoted everyday! I'm going to buzz tech support some more. They've been useless.
Geofencing still broken! And this is even after the latest update for the Android platform. 2.4.11-20331. Completely unacceptable.. And the Netgear team's response is also completely unacceptable. That is, they've been utterly silent. And this is after I've posted publicly multiple times on Facebook, PM them on Facebook, here on forums, live chat and email. They can refund me under the Australian consumer law, I'm well within my right to exercise this.

I just got the home/away setting to work properly. I think 🤔 the issue could be related to how the app saves data on the iphone 📱 

typically iphone users do not need to “save” as everything is updated in iOS as you go. The save button for enabled devices under geofencing is not very noticeable. Perhaps a fix would be for the app to prompt/save as the check box is toggled. I did each of our 2 devices separately from my phone (owner/administrator) and toggled off, then chose save on the following screen turning the enabled device off. Then I toggled the same device back on under enabled (checkmark) and again on the following screen chose save. Hope this helps!


One thing that seems to work for me when geofencing goes stupid (which is far too frequent) is to change your home location in the geofencing settings (another state, just let it autocomplete some location far away), log into arlo with both of our phones, then change it back. This is getting tiresome, but it seems to work. 


Geofencing doesn't work!

Please fix!

Arlo Moderator



  The Arlo development team is currently investigating this issue. We will provide an update as soon as we have more information to share with the community.