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Apple HomeKit

To integrate arlo into the Apple Home Kit would be a great improvement.


Now I have a great camera system with an app, a weather station with an app and some other sensors in the Apple home kit and they do not work together. 


E.g. an alarm could be triggered by the motion sensor of the camera or the camera could be switched on by a door or windows sensor even if the motion sensor is not activated because the object is too far away and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with connecting the systems. 


Is this planned to do?


It's by far the most requesting feature at the moment... hope they are stil looking into this...


This request has been there forever, and I don’t think Arlo/Netgear people care about it.

They have decided to go with Alexa, and although Ikea TRÅDFRI proves you can do both, they just won’t bother.


Am I right Arlo people ?


it would actually be nice if you could just say you won’t do it.


Netgear have finally replied to my message, stating that Netgear have no plans to integrate Arlo with HomeKit now or anytime soon


so, I’m definitely abandoning Arlo, seeing as they don’t care about customer requests or opinions

Is this true? What exactly did they say? Wouldn’t they move this thread to the, “investigated but declined” section? Can someone at arlo please comment on this?

Ok so Arlo can not be HomeKit enabled due to cams being wireless as Apple does not allow it but that does not stop Siri Shortcuts from being accessible as long as Arlo update their App.


I've been using the Arlo pro 2 camera's for about a year now.

In this time I have seen some software/firmware updates to both the base station and the camera's.

Several of these times, this has caused issues in regards to both connection and stability.


In order to avoid some of these issues, I was looking into configuring the base station and have my firewall and router dedicate part of the internet connection only for Arlo.

This proved to be impossible.


it would appear any update that is being pushed forward by the arlo team is mainly artificial. The interface of the app changes somewhat but apart from that, for a pro-consumer model, we are given the most basic of options.

This in turn has proven to be a general problem for all netgear (and affiliate) products.


I cinserely question your level of development and support.


As one of the only battery powered wifi camera's, you are still positioned as one of the 'popular' options. However, I would jump **bleep** in a heartbeat the minute I see any other vendor on the planet giving any inovation at all over Arlo.

port configuration, log files, offline usage (seriously ... my internet connection goes down, so my home security is down ? this defeats the entire purpose), homekit support, ... and so many other requests that have been ignored for far too long in this thread.


Frankly it's baffeling to see just how many people are complaining on the forums here .. without any constructive feedback from Arlo at all.

I know many other companies are refered to as being cash-grabbing, but I have yet to see a worst example of any company others than this.


homekit support has been implemented for arlo baby for a long time now. From a technical point of view there is no reason to not include the option for all other arlo camera's.

We can all imagine what the actual (marketing) reason is of course;


I would post this is a seperate thread just to get a reply from the support team, but as I've been browsing through the forum for quite some time now, no question is ever actually answered.

Every time a false promise is made without any follow-up. 'we will forward it to our *** team' (read: shift-delete).

'the feature is not being considered at this time' (read: not going to happen)



From one user's standpoint: I can only advise people to stay away from any and all of your products and will continue to do so until you actually start taking your jobs serious.

I have searched but I am not finding an official announcement anywhere. I am putting my equipment on the market unless there is something stating otherwise. The fact the Arlo Baby (arguably the most despised Arlo of all) works with Homekit seems kind of like a slap in the face for the rest of the equipment not to work. Why only make part of the equipment work. Also, unrelated, please make an actual doorbell if you want any share of that market. I'm debating buying into Nest due to the sheer superiority, but they don't support Homekit either. Logic Circle 2 is looking like the actual frontrunner now.


I will settle on having HomeKit capability if I have to leave the Arlo hardwired to power.  So that would make similar to Logitech Circle 2 which supports HomeKit. 


I notice Arlo Ultra has just been announced. Looks like a further upgrade on Pro 2. I’m glad I didn’t buy those cameras recently!


But guess what....still no HomeKit compatibility. So that must surely confirm it. If they aren’t going to offer it via their brand new camera product they defo won’t for their aging Pro and newer Pro 2 kit. 


FINALLY!!!! HomeKit is coming to Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 2 THIS QUARTER!!!!!


Thanks! Now I have to finish upgrading all of my old Pros to the Pro 2!