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Allow multiple concurrent logins

You need to allow more than one device to be logged in at a time. In a family situation, my wife and I both need to have access to the cameras and push notifications without kicking eachother off. Allowing only one at a time really makes no sense for a product that is aimed at household security. I have a LOT of devices and I use several at once.


By the way, this is not the same thing as the "friend" feature which allows you to share cameras with other people (if you pay for a better plan).


Yes, only one primary account. You can both use it but then the first person logged in gets kicked out when the second person logs in, as you've no doubt experienced. The person with granted access indeed doesn't have quite the same capabilities and there may be a problem with recent apps removing previously available capabilities. You've done all you can.


If it's an app issue, open  case with support:


Please allow more than one connected at same time. Almost passed 3 years since first post. Why so much time to implement this?


Please allow more then one login at a time....I use my phone and laptop at the same time ALL the time.


It has been 4 years since the 1st post about having 2 devices signed in at once. This is one of the biggest problems. We just installed 4 cameras. If something happening at my home and both my husband look bam your knocked off. NOT good. is this ever going to get fixed?



They are the most expensive fake cameras.  I gave up years ago and stopped putting batteries in them. Arlo doesn't give a whit about thier customers or whether the system actually works.

Maybe we need to start a social media campaign, to let others know about the flaws and the fact that Netgear is not really all that interested in listening to its loyal customers. This section is merely for those of us that have purchased Netgear Cameras and gear to Vent our frustrations and give Netgear some really good design features for future products absolutely free of charge. As I have mentioned before, if an idea that a Netgear Customer has suggested, has been implemented, then that person should receive some sort of financial incentive for it. Be it, a one-year subscription, if the idea is really good, then a new current camera system or a choice of a couple of Netgear accessories. But they give you F- All, and they fail to listen and implement the most complained about missing components, (for a better word.) Surely most of the ideas are easily implemented through a simple software update. But instead Netgear release yet another version WITHOUT fixing the previous versions, so no doubt it will be a Never Ending Cycle. Those that purchase the new cameras will join us here complaining about missing features. And it's about time the cycle was broken and the previous versions that we, the LOYAL CUSTOMERS have paid top dollar for were COMPLETELY FIXED! Would you by a car that didn't have any safety devices, but the company said it was trying to implement them? would you by a toaster that burnt the toast every time you put the bread in? Would you buy a coffee machine if it only served up 1/5 of a cup? I bet you answered NO to all. So why put up with Cameras that do not function as intended after all these are supposed to be SECURITY CAMERAS and yet they lack the most basic features of a SECURITY CAMERA.

It's 2019 and this still hasn't been resolved.  I plan on purchasing a different system that will allow both my wife and myself to login concurrently.

@Flyfritha wrote:

I plan on purchasing a different system that will allow both my wife and myself to login concurrently.

I have "liked" this idea, and would like to see this addressed.


However, I did want to point out that there is a straightforward work-around.  That is to create a second account, and grant full access to the cameras to it. 


For an example with three iDevices (2 iPhones + 1 iPad) with Arlo's updated iOS app, once in a while it asks to manually relogin. It doesn't even remember the login datas and finger ID. I was told that I need to make another account to avoid this. That's annoying for multiple devices and accounts.


Has no one from Arlo even acknowledged this thread??


Completely agree with above comments. We need to start posting our issues in more public forums to warn future users before they waste their money since Arlo clearly demonstrates no concern for their loyal customers. 


There should be different levels of friend permission with partners having the ability for full rights on the account.