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Allow multiple concurrent logins

You need to allow more than one device to be logged in at a time. In a family situation, my wife and I both need to have access to the cameras and push notifications without kicking eachother off. Allowing only one at a time really makes no sense for a product that is aimed at household security. I have a LOT of devices and I use several at once.


By the way, this is not the same thing as the "friend" feature which allows you to share cameras with other people (if you pay for a better plan).


Yes, only one primary account. You can both use it but then the first person logged in gets kicked out when the second person logs in, as you've no doubt experienced. The person with granted access indeed doesn't have quite the same capabilities and there may be a problem with recent apps removing previously available capabilities. You've done all you can.


If it's an app issue, open  case with support:


Please allow more than one connected at same time. Almost passed 3 years since first post. Why so much time to implement this?