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Allow multiple concurrent logins

You need to allow more than one device to be logged in at a time. In a family situation, my wife and I both need to have access to the cameras and push notifications without kicking eachother off. Allowing only one at a time really makes no sense for a product that is aimed at household security. I have a LOT of devices and I use several at once.


By the way, this is not the same thing as the "friend" feature which allows you to share cameras with other people (if you pay for a better plan).

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Only one user may be logged into the account regardless of which subscription plan the account is subscribed to. This is not an exclusive feature of the Basic, Premier, or Elite plans.


If you would like to access the account simultaneously from more than one device or by multiple users, please consider setting up the Grant Access feature: How do I add friends to my Arlo account?



The salesperson at Best Buy said I could use multiple phones. I never considered I could but would b logged out. This needs to change!
Any update on this? I'm set as a "friend" while my husband is the admin but this prevents me from getting any notifications. This is a must have in my opinion.

I'd like to add to this, that each user should be able to determine WHEN they want to be notified. I have Arlo installed in an office setting, my Receptionists want to be alerted DURING business hours, and my manager wants to be notified only OUTSIDE business hours.


Totally agree.  Need to be able to be logged in on multiple devices for a family.  Or, at least, add notifications to the friend access.  This was opened 14 months ago and has the third highest votes.  Even if you only do 1 release a quarter, this should have been addressed by now if you are truly listening to your customers.  Can we get a status update?


Totally agreed! Please address. Please.


Here's another scenario where a concurrent login is useful. I recently had an alarm go off at my house - via a different system - and I logged into Arlo from work to see if anything was going on. I used the web interface, which is fantastic, because you can turn all the cameras to "Live" mode and see everything at once, on one big screen. As I was watching, I picked up my phone and pulled up Arlo to see what mode my cameras were in, and as soon as I did, I was kicked off the web interface. Total bummer.


It would be very good to be able to monitor everything via the web, while checking/changing settings etc on another.


Please fix!


Additionally, your geo-fencing does not seem to work with two separate logins. It tracks both my wife's and my phone just fine for the traditional Arlo cameras, but does not see my wife's phone for the Q cameras. When we shared one login, which we originally did, until we discovered this bug, it seemed to work better.

Absolutely one year later and this is still not an option?? If I'm at work and need to check on something I will kick my wife off, I love everything else about this system but this needs to be fixed

I just bought and setup system last night. Was trying to figure out how to get push notifications to both my phone and my wife's phone. So is this really not an available features? How is that possible? System is usual es in a multiple person household then. Will return if this is true. Will the friends access workaround fix this issue around notifications to multiple phones?


These cameras and system don't get better. The batteries will eat you alive or not capture what you need captured. Return now while you can. I wish I had. 

Realy need to be able to log in at least 2 devices