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Allow Viewing Cameras On More Than One Device At A Time

When I log in to view the security cameras on my macbook, it logs me out of my iphone.

I want to have a security display on (an ipad) all the time, and still be able to check the cameras from my phone.



Use a different email on one device and Grant access to the new account


I agree with @TomMac in that's how you work around it.. But I don't think that should be the solution.


If you have 2 users that need access to the cameras this becomes an issue. In my experience, our main account has the upgraded package.. Everytime we log in with the secondary account (the one with granted access) the app tells us to upgrade our storage etc etc. This isn't the greatest experience. Being able to log into multiple devices, especially when we pay for upgrades, should be standard. If anything, include it as a feature on upgraded accounts. Having to make a secondary account is just really annoying

Arlo Moderator



You have granted access to the second account correct?


@TomMac Yes I have granted access to my husbands account. I think I’m going to drop the inquiry at this time. We seem to be using and viewing the footage pretty well. I am the administrator on the account so I’m the only one that can delete so no problems are caused there. We haven’t needed to view at the same time so far.  Thank you for attempting to help me out. 😊