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Alert when cameras are disarmed

Sometimes if I am away (out of the zone) and it is really windy, my cameras will send me motion alerts (exterior of house) even though the sensitivity is set to low.  Other times, I manually disarm the base station cameras when someone is at my house plowing my snowy driveway.  We are snowbirds and spend several months of the year in Arizona, so when the driveway back in Minnesota gets shoveled by a neighbor, my cameras are sending constant motion.  The problem is, I or my wife frequently forget to re-arm the cameras and sometimes we go for days without realizing that the cameras are disarmed.  It would be great if a reminder notification be setup that triggers when out of the zone and disarmed for certain period of time to help us (forgetfull) folks.  Just a suggestion.

We have multiple people with access to the app. It would be nice if a notification was sent to all devices when someone disarms the cameras.