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Adding Audio to the Arlo Smart Home Security System

I think adding audio to your amazing video quality would just be icing on the cake and a highly desireable feature that would significantly contribute to the Arlo Smart Home Security system standing apart from any other product in this market space. 

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The development team is always looking for new ideas to improve our Arlo system. Our Arlo Idea Exchange has a similar suggestion posted by other users. I highly suggest for you to kudos the post Adding Audio to the Arlo Smart Home Security System.


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You'd think if they did, that would just drain the battery even faster. I think the huge selling point for the Arlo is the wireless aspect. When you start adding additional features, the battery drainage will become even more of an issue. 

Yes, that could be an issue and the wireless aspect is why I bought the cameras for the outside in the first place, but inside the house having an option of wired camera and mic would be awesome.

i was just looking for a switch when i stumbled over arlo. and arlo could be ordered fast for some other project, but .....

after i read some reviews it became apparent to me that arlo does not do audio recording.

and that is for me a deal breaker.

i hope arlo will add other cams(with sound recording) in the near future.

Its actually a good idea. .but since i am using it as security observation..i have no need of a dialog with intruders..other than hands up..or on the floor now!! But i think utvwoukd require more than a software patch..

I have a 4 camera Arlo System and was hoping that someday soon audio would be added. I would like to use this as a true baby monitor. It is good to see the baby but a true baby monitor allows you to hear the baby as well.

Overall, Arlo camera systems are great for what happens outdoors but when audio is required which is frequent, Arlo falls short. This is definitely a needed requirement. 

Adding an additional unit that does not connect to my arlo environment defeats the purpose for "Whole Home Security" with Arlo. I don't want t go to differnt apps or devices to find or manage my content.


The cameras could use a microphone and a speaker. A microphone and a speaker on each camera would be great.

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I agree that this would be a great feature. Thank you for sharing!


I just clicked "Buy" at amazon and now I think to cancle it maybe quickly. I was not very careful reding the features and mised that it has no audio option. 😞 

No audio at the moment could mean I will never get audio with that system, if you not release a new compartible product.
And that mean that one of my 2 use cases for buying a camera can't be done with your solution.

And please no discussion about if it is allowed or not.
If you produce cams later with audio give the users a ability to disable it and tell the user he have to care about his country laws.


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I love my Arlo cameras but I'd really love to see you make an accessory or add on that you can use with them, even if its a separate piece of equipment.  Any chance of this happening?