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Add the Arlo Doorbell To The Smartthings Integration

Please make the Arlo Doorbell available in the Smartthings integration


Please make it compatbile with Smartthins and I will buy your doorbell!!


Really want it to work with smartthings.


Please make it posible! I purchased it for smartthings integration but found that only arlo camera sending montion event to smartthings. I expected doorbell to send the following events to smartthings:

1. Doorbell motion detected event

2. Doorbell button press event


Optional events:

3. Low battery

4. Doorbell called to phone

5. Phone conversation started

6. Phone conversation ended


Optional commands:

1. Play Doorbell sound - default or custom? (could be used as a feedback for automation scenes, for eample to indicate that remote cameras are armed, or to inform backyard intruders about detection of their pressence to scare them)


Thanks a lot.


Please make the doorbell work with SmartThings



This doorbell is useless for me since it doesn’t work with SmartThings. Best Buy employee told me it would. Can’t return now because it’s been too long since purchase. 

Still waiting for integration! I want to trigger the doorbell from SmartThings like a door sensor opening. I don’t understand why all your other products are SmartThings compatible but your doorbell and ringer are not.

Waiting on this to happen daily....

Still waiting

This would be fantastically useful to alert when all Smartthings sensors are triggered, not just my arlo cameras

I would appreciate if you could integrate the doorbell with SmartThings. Useless without.