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Automatically transfer/backup/copy Arlo videos to Google GDrive cloud and autodownload to PC - Part1

After failing to find a decent solution on Arlo forums, and Netgrear having no native solution for this, I figured out how to do this with Stringify. However if you haven't used Stringify before, the setup can be a little daunting. Hopefully these instructions will help someone.

Install Stringify on your iOS or Android device from your relevant app store.

Once installed and logged in, choose the Home icon to make sure we are all starting from the same place.

Now press the PLUS "+" icon and choose "Add a New Thing".

Scroll down the alphabetical (but non-searchable) list. Find and choose - Netgear Arlo Cameras

When the Netgear Arlo Cameras thing is showing, choose "Flow Ideas"

 ... then "Unlimted Video Recordings"

The "Recipe" for this flow is WHEN New video on my Arlo is recorded THEN Upload a file to my Google Drive

Click "Get Flow"

follow the phone's onscreen instructions.

- Click the Arlo "thing" - you will be prompted for your Arlo credentials so Stringify can login on your behalf.
- click the X in the upper left corner to leave this tab and go back to the Stringify canvas.
- this will have added each of your cameras and your base station as new Things in your Thing menu.
- Click the Google Drive "thing" - you will be prompted for your Google Drive credentials so Stringify can login on your behalf and copy the Arlo video over

Now press on X in the upper right corner. This modified Flow has been saved.

You may end up back at the Stringify app home page. If so, click on Flows in the bottom menu and find your Flow. It's not fully configured yet because you need to configure it for the videos for a specific camera, and then you will duplicate the flow and choose other cameras if you have them.

So, edit the Flow you just made, click on the Arlo thing, and choose the Camera you want to have the videos transferred for.

You might also want to rename this flow to something more meaningful like "Arlo Porch to GDrive"

If you have successfully configured your Arlo thing (i.e. chosen the camera) and also the GDrive thing (it has your login credentials) then at the bottom of the Flow canvas screen it should say "Enable Flow". Click it.

You should get a "Success" message. You can now click the X in the upper right and go back to your list of Flows.
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... Part 2:


Add more cameras:

If you have more than one camera, now click on the three dots "..." to the right side of the Flow you just created and select Duplicate.

Click on this new flow. At this point you would think you could just click on the Arlo camera "thing" for the camera you had just used, and edit its configuration with new camera details, but it doesn't work that way. You now need to PRESS AND HOLD on the Arlo camera "thing" - two new options will appear in the lower half of the screen. Drag the camera thing down to "Replace".

Choose your new camera from the Thing menu that appears, then click Replace in the upper left corner.

Activate your new flow.

That should be about it. Lastly, here are a couple of other things:

    Don't forget to rename your new flow.

    When editing this flow, in the GDrive thing, you can click "parameters" to edit the filename. e.g. You can change it from just:

"Video Recording", to

"Camera Name" - "Video "Recording"

That should give you more meaningful names and sorting orders inside your Stringify GDrive directory... Although it's not renaming things for me like this yet. I just have awful meaningless strings of numbers for the filename.



Hope this helps someone.