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Add the Arlo Doorbell To The Smartthings Integration

Please make the Arlo Doorbell available in the Smartthings integration


I plan to buy the doorbell once someone confirms that SmartThings can use the doorbell's motion detector.

There is currently no integration for the Arlo doorbell in Smartthings 

Arlo Employee Retired
Status changed to: Engineering Investigation

Please make it compatible!


I have TOO much invested into your individual products for you to now come out with the New Arlo that can do what all these devices I just purchased do: the security lights, doorbell and ringers, 4 cameras, 2 blast stations, power cords, attachment devices etc. Take mine as toward an updated system.

And why cant you have the doorbell & ringer show in SmartThings? 

Consistency goes a long ways


I'll buy the doorbell as soon as it will integrate with Smartthings.

Yes. Please add the doorbell to be visible to SmartThings. I need the ringer to ring with certain ST devices trigger, I already have the cameras triggered but I would like an audio notification triggered using the doorbell ringer.

DawnM -Arlo Employee,

I got your reply to my post, I notice nothing has changed since "Under Investigation" 12/15/18 & again 1/8/19.. You replied with a link to this thread above: "Add the Arlo Doorbell To The Smartthings Integration" to which I don't see a reply.

You also asked me what is this Samsung SmartThings? REALLY?

Not to be disrespectful at all or maybe my MS & brain impairment or just flared and I dont have my dots connecting...

Knock-Knock anyone home?


Please update us!



Jeff Beckner


Disappointed after purchasing this doorbell and found out it can't work with SmartThings. Surprisely it works on Amazon Alexa. Arlo please put the priority on SmartThings integration as that is the main Smart Home Hub I have.


It would be nice to be able to turn on/off the phone connection with the doorbell with ST presence.