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Ability To Change Compression Level

I would like Netgear to include an option to change the compression level on Arlo.


I have plenty of internet bandwidth to spare, and I'd rather reduce the compression level and have increased image quality.


Even without the bandwidth issue, the ability to set our own compression level would be very useful. 720 high def is one thing - lack of clarity due to excessive compression (or, possibly, less than optimal algorithm) makes options highly appreciated and could boost sales because of the ability to zoom in on a subject and be able to discern details that are currently hidden.



Compression is woeful.  Does not do justice to the cameras.

Otherwise a a fantastic product.


Hi - I would love to be able to take photos without such a srong jpeg compression. The compresion is so high that most detail is obliterated, I can't really even see facial detail unless they are within a few feet of the camera. It would be great to have an option for less compression in video as well, but at least for photos the bandwidth and storage would not be very large. Thanks

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Status changed to: Future Consideration

The compression is horrible on this system. Please ad a function to be able to record at higher quality. I use these cameras for high-quality documentation. 


These cameras are fantastic but I really wish the quality of video was better for zooming into a clip. I understand the need for higher compression for uploading/viewing live but how about an updated basestation that could record higher quality video clips locally and then send higher compressed version up to the cloud. I hate not being able to zoom into a face or license number because it becomes so pixelated. And a higher res camera would be nice too.







Agree, I have a very fast connection / hardware, set the ArloQ to 1080p but zooming in you can see the compression is too high.


I agree. I am a little disappointed in the extreme compression. I would even be cool if the compression for cloud stayed the same, but one could lower the compression rate for local storage. The compression is so high, I wouldnt consider the video I get to be HD.


I am wondering if they fix this issue? Now I am choosing between Pro2 and Nest and Ring an all these products have significant problems.   Actually, I am looking not for benefits, but which cam has fewer cons.

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