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Basic Billing Functionality

I'd like to suggest that the Arlo website be updated to include basic billing functionality. I recently wanted to view my latest invoice as I am not receiving them via email for some reason, however the website has no way of displaying this. I have opened a support ticket and now have to wait 48 hours for support to provide my invoices and receipts which is completely ridiculous.


I'd suggest the ability for users to do the following on-demand for both subscriptions and equipment purchases:

  • View past invoices/receipts
  • View next upcoming invoice
  • Receive a notification of payments about to happen
  • Receive an invoice/receipt via email when a payment does happen

From other subscription services I use these are all basic functionality that are built into the apps/websites. I've never not been able to view this information.

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Re: Basic Billing Functionality

I completely agree. I haven't even figured out how to submit a support ticket to get that information. So frustrating that there isn't an easier way. Even the phone number they give only has options for technical support or advice on purchasing.

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Re: Basic Billing Functionality

In the end it took 2 weeks for them to provide one-time invoices, if I want future invoices I have to contact support each time and likely wait 2 weeks again. Pretty disgraceful and I have no idea how they haven't addressed this already...

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