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storage and forward events

I assume Arlo monitors these posts?


I contacted chat and they said they can not make request to development for firmware upgrades.


I am not sure how the team accepts or reviews customer input to improve its devices without a channel to receive that information?


I have 3 ultra PRO 2 cameras and 4 Ultra 4k cameras hooked to an Ultra base.


some shortcoming of the system if it is to be used for security:


1.  It has memory card (that is good). 

     a. But, you cannot access it without removing it.  why not have a simple file browser built in?

     b. When you loose internet, (which happens for many reasons)  Please store and forward images, when internet                         resumes.  This seems simple.


2.  When i disable the led, It still will flash when charging????  very annoying.  simply allow us to really disable led.


3.  Why are my Arlo Pro2 cameras clearer images than the 4k cameras?   Will the firmware be improved?


4. Some more automation with Alexa would be nice too, Like motion alerts to turn on lights.


5. better control of video playback like speed control 2X,4X,10X  - auto play next stored video in chain


I am coming from Traditional DVR system .  Hoping this product can become a true security camera replacement.  But, simply blocking the internet and you get no events.  Even when internet comes back online.


Fact is most home internets are not that stable.   Cheap routers. cheap cable or dsl modems all need rebooting or reset.


thanks for any consideration,



Arlo Moderator

Hi @sdeand


The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the your contribution. Thank you for posting your idea!


I would love to have a feature when reviewing my recordings that I would have the capability to auto play to the next recording when one ends. It would make for a much better and easier customer experience. Just saying 😉