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camera starts recording on and only stops when Motion stops

First of all, Arlo is great in theory. A wireless camera that is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection? Wonderful!


But in reality, it's a system that is more gadget gimmick, than a useful, usable security option.


However, if you could make this one change in the system, I'll deal with the usability issues on the app; I'll deal with the limitations of the camera settings; the lag in response to motion; etc., etc... If you could just make it so that the camera starts recording on motion and doesn't stop until the motion stops (with a user setting for max mins), then I'd finally be satisfied.


Otherwise, here's how it works now, and an example of what I actually get: A UPS truck pulls up, and Arlo kicks in (late) and starts recording after the truck is already parked (very annoying), but then I get 30 seconds (my setting is 30 secs) of the truck sitting there as the driver gets the package from the back. Then Arlo shuts down, the driver gets out with my package and walks up my driveway (about a 20 second walk) at which point Arlo is starting up again for another 30 second clip. Arlo starts up again and then records 30 seconds of the driver already walking away after dropping the package at my front door.


If this were an intruder or someone "casing the joint" I'd never get an image of his face. Is that a real security system?? Now, if I could set Arlo to stay on and record until the motion stops or my setting (I would choose 5 minutes) I would get all the footage I need. Battery life wouldn't matter to me because 1) if the motion stopped at 15 seconds, the recording would stop or; 2) if I could capture real "show-to-the-cops-footage" I wouldn't care if I had to replace the batteries more frequently.


That said:



Anyone agree or experiencing the same? Please chime in and hopefully the folks at Arlo make it happen!


Currently there are setting for the user to pick from. When the camera detects motion, it records from 10 seconds to 120 seconds depending on user choice.


I would like continous recording. To explain this:


As it is now:

Say it is set to record for 120 seconds (2minutes) - 


Someone walks into the camera view and starts walking around. Camera starts recording for 2 minutes - if he has bad intentions he is going to wait and look around for a couple of minutes to make sure no one is seeing him. After 2 mnin the recording stops, if there is still motion is starts again (after a few seconds - it needs time to save the recording from my tests experience).


What I would like:

Someone walks into the view - camera records - person walks out of view - camera stops recording without stopping until motion is done, so there could be a video of say 6 or 7 minutes at time.


I do not care about battery life, I would just like continous recording while motion is still happening.


Totally agree.  One of the first drawbacks I noticed.  Even if there is continuous motion in from of the camera, it records the first 2 min, then nothing even though there is definitely motion going on.  Really hope they make this an option.


I really advocated for these cameras.  The limited recording time is a real bummer because someone came up on my porch and the camera stopped recording after 20 seconds.  But there was a huge lapse before the next recording started.   


I want continuous recording while there is movement.  I really thought this was a given and don't want to go back to Logitech alert.  



Totally agree to the idea! I've been tested past months and could not found any useful image from the recordings, only recorded backside without recognise front face that are really useless and no help to secure home. I willing to recommend this wireless camera to many potential users if this issue could be sloved. Otherwise this is just expensive trial toys rather than home security tool. I hope Netgear could resolve this serious limitation to make it as a real security gear soonest! All the best!


This is a must.  I am thinking about holding off purchasing until this, and the motion detection lag (must be less than 1 sec). are fixed.



Seems like a simple software fix. Our battery operated lights stay on until motion has stopped, these cameras should too.


I agree, the lag between motion detection and the start of recording is a bit of a problem. This needs to be improved.


Hello,  I definitely agree with the need.  Putting my technical hat on,  the current limit is probably due to available memory/buffer built into the device.  Having longer recording window would require either bigger buffer (tough luck for current owners), lowering the resolution further, or lowering the fps.  I would go for lowering fps.


Another vote for this. I honestly don't know why a decision would've been made to not record continually during motion, other than to try to make up (unsuccessfully) for the excessive motion triggering because there's no motion mapping feature. Unless of course, the camera's motion sensor can't operate simultaneously while it's recording.


This should be top priority for Arlo (Netgear).

The lag is bad on faster moving objects, like a car pulling in. I can the tail end of the car driving down my alley at slow speeds. Or if I walk out my door, I would be able to get a few steps before it kicks on, halway out of the camera's view. I have the sensitivity all the way up to 100%.

As well as the ability for the camera to keep recording as long as their is motion, with a failsafe time. We could say, keep recording as long as there is motion, for up to 5 minutes (failsafe so something doesn't cause it to record for 12 hours straight lol). If there is motion, I want to capture it, not just 30 seconds of it.

Right now, it would keep kicking back on, creating multiple videos and alerts, and having a delay between the videos because of the motion delay.