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Wireless Motion Detection Zone

Only allowing the ability to create a motion detection zone if the pro 2 is hardwired totally defeats the point of Arlo wireless cameras. If I wanted to hardwire I’d choose the Nest. I think there should be a software upgrade to allow the ability to make the zones while running wireless even if it sacrifices battery life.

I could have said it better myself. EXELLENT IDEA


Creating zones would require camera use, meaning always on instead of PIR motion sensing. Meaning a lot more power is used.


Agreed, It is very sad that this feature requires a constant plugged connection. We all bought these cameras for convienence of wireless connection. Please update this so we can use these features. 


Yes as much as I like my Arlos.....   the motion detection is terrible.  Really limits where I can put them.

If they had MD Zones, as most cameras do, this problem would be solved.


Get it fixed NetGear.  This 'feature' is the only thing that would prevent me from reccomending arlos to anyone


I couldnt agree more! This is an area that could really set the ARLO apart. I bought the arlo thinking I could get motion detection through the window while being powered inside the house (so that I could be notified when someone comes to the door) and was EXTREMELY dissapointed when I found out that this will not work. Being that all my arlo cameras are for outdoor use, none of them are close enough to plug into anything without a really long extension cable or going through the window (which is not an option). If there is a way to make the motion detection work without needing to be plugged in that would be amazing! I would also sacrifice battery life for this option.


Not sure most people on here understand how these "cameras" work and how they get such a long battery life.


Your outdoor Arlo is not a camera, it's a PIR (motion detector) with a camera attached. The PIR senses motions and powers up the camera and it has a fixed area of coverage. The reson you can set up zones on a powered camera is because it's continually watching the image and can do the complex processing involved.


Note: Someone at Netgear should really go through these "ideas" and marked the impossible ones "will not do".


I totally agree. It´s rediculous that you have to connect the cameras to AC power to set the zones, but that can be managed...but realising that the cameras have to be connected to AC power the entire time in order for the zones to work is absolutely insane. Please come with a software upgrade Arlo!!!


So, could you not get a battery bank (small one that would be used to charge a phone for example). connect the camera to that - now it has a healthy power supply, and then plug the solar panel into the battery bank? I have no idea if this would work, but I alos need detectiona areas and can not supply mains paower to near it. DOes anyone think this will work?