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Wireless Channel config manual override

Please, could you add an "Advanced settings" link somewhere under Settings,

by which we can set the wireless channel of the base station, and perhaps even more details regarding its WiFi behavior?


I have serious issues with the extremely busy 2.4 GHz band in my neighborhood (city). The only way *all* my arlo cameras will reach the base well is when I have it at channel 13 and it stays there. But it never seems to do so.


Yes, I take full responsibility for the distortion or interference that could cause, because I know to set my routers at channel 9 or lower (with the Base at 13).


If they can't adjust the base station software  at least re attempt to make the router OS function as a base, especially in the case of Orbi. Yes it failed before, but it was an option 


Looks like the Arlo Pro base station (VMB4000) may unfortunately be worse than the original (VMB3000) in this respect.

Have had a VMB3000 for a couple of years, separated from my router by a brick wall, and it consistently picks a different channel (6) than my router's (11).

Today I had the opportunity to try a VMB4000 in the same position. On startup, it defaults to channel 1 (the original has the same startup behaviour, if I recall correctly). But shortly after, it switched to 11 - same as the router. Rotated the base station 90 degrees just to test a different orientation, changed my router to channel 6 to test a different channel, power cycled the VMB4000, and it followed the router to channel 6.

So, if you pulled your hair out finding the right spot for the original base station where it doesn't butt in on your router's WiFi channel, be wary of upgrading to the VMB4000.

Befuddles me that they won't add a channel override setting to save some customers so much frustration. Whatever testing led to this channel sharing behaviour, it clearly doesn't work well in all real-world situations.


Sad to say, but this co-channel interference issue has been there since the Arlo system was first released.   Netgear Arlo 2.4 camera router following onto existing wireless router channels is wrong and poor engineering design for any wireless device.  Wireless routers and access points can only be on channel 1,6,11 to allow bandwidth space and minimal co-channel interference and other wireless clients to be on channels 2-5 and 7-10.  That is the limitation of 2.4 GHz wireless. 

Does anyone have a hack to access the VMB4000 settings?  I have two of them, should I try to bring both up together side by side and watch the wrestling match to see who is on top being on the same channel?  I wonder in an Enterprise network environment with multiple Wireless APs on channel 1, 6, or 11, which Wifi channel would the Arlo router pick, the strongest one?  Wrong.  Even an automonous Cisco AP chooses the weakest channel from 15 years ago. 


TedYB, here's a crude hack for the desperate. If you've separated the base station from your router as much as practical, but it still switches to the same channel, simply grab a cheap/spare router, set its WiFi to the channel you want the Arlo to use, and shove it right next to the base station. Just tested one (a W8960N) in the situation I described in my previous post, and it worked.

Best to use one that lets you set transmit power so you can dial it down to the minimum necessary for the Arlo base station to recognise it as the nearest router - I was able to use the lowest setting. There may be further settings (e.g. beacon interval) that can be adjusted to minimise interference.


The fact that this was not put in as an option from the begaining is just sad.

They really fingured the best option was to just have it use the same channel as the radio right next to it?

Who thinks this stuff up?

I agree that this should be standard functionality. C'mon Netgear, you can do better than that Smiley Happy


I currently have my Arlo base station on a wifi extender far from the main router.  It worked great for a long time, then after a power failure, I experienced a long process of identifying problems with almost everything on the network dropping connections regularly.  I'm pretty sure I've resolved the problem by inventing a procedure for forcing the Arlo to operate on the router's channel (which the extender follows) on power up, then moving the router to a distant channel after the Arlo is up.  Time will tell if this procedure works reliably, but it would be much easier to implement and "set and forget" if the Arlo had an advanced configuration setting as suggested above.  I love my cameras, I do not love debugging my wifi network for a week.


Using the same WiFi channel is the biggest nonsense I ever heard. I just can't imagine that a company who is supposed to know WiFi comes up with this. Even worse, Netgear is not working on a solution/update.




This is the most ridiculous "feature" I've ever seen in my 30+ years of working with networks!


Come on Netgear, get your head out of the sand and fix this!


Even if your "engineers" think that following an existing wireless channel is the correct way to design a product (it isn't), give us "idiots" the ability to override things so we can all "do it wrong" and regain control of our network infrastructure.


I have, over the years, purchased many Netgear products without hesitation (ReadyNAS, managed enterprise switches, consumer grade routers, Orbi, Arlo, etc.) but this sort of thing will truly make me think twice before ever considering buying (or recommending) another Netgear product in the future.


All I can say is wow, just wow!!





I cannot believe this basic functionality has not been added to the UI.

Truly negligent.



Lack of action on this issue is deplorable. The engineers need to get their thumbs out.