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Windows 10 Phone App

Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.

Too late for me. I bought the D-Link and they work great with Windows mobile 10 on our Lumia 735 Windows phones called the "Selfie Phone" as it was first with a 5mp front "selfie" camera.


I hope Microsoft goes into the security camera hardware too. See every company that lacks the support to Microsoft for the years of money they made from them begs the question why not start to build and sell more hardwrae like their own branded security cameras that use their paid cloud storage to access them easily, with any Windows device.


Netgear has shown their loyalty to Microsoft and their customers. I've already returned the lack of support. BTW, the D-Link, which I used to rate third after Linksys and then Netgear, just became number one in my book. THeir tech support spent an hour with me getting their admittedly wonky software interface for setup tweaked perfectly. Now it is easier than using a browser.


I was ready to plunk it down for a four camera Arlo setup, and today started reading about the problems many of their customers are having. I am also looking at Ring who have a PC app that customers say works on the phones?? Some issues there too.


D-LInk today, if you have a Windpows phone today.

Any updates on this??

There's over 20,000 people looking for answers to the Windows Phone 10 app issue on your forum and it has received one of the highest ratings. Seriously, it's not so difficult and you'll easily make back the costs in sales, providing you act quickly. Just rediculous. The ONLY reason people are leaving Windows Phone is because we're being FORCED to by developers such as yours that don't support the platform for some unknown reason. We don't WANT to use iOS or Android but you're making it very difficult. Start supporting the Windows OS and you'll find you'll have a lot of new, happy customers


As indicated in another thread, there is work being done to finally get a Windows app for Arlo.  Hopefully it is universal enough to run on phone.




How hard can it be when there is a Microsoft supplied IOS to Windows bridge available?

Hello? Any updates? It has been well over a month since the announcement that an app would be available in a month. Can someone from Netgear please respond to the couple hundred users here waiting for an update and a Windows app?

if there were 200 users waiting, then make that 199. I am not waiting, I bought D-Link and did not change our two Lumia 735 Windows mobile 10 phones. To use Arlo, they force us to do that or go elsewhere.

The Dlink remote controlled wireless inside camera that swivels side to side and up and down works perfectly with my Windows desktops, tablets, and Windows phones.


I have been reading the Arlo complaints and issues and it seems some folks are getting frozen systems in direct sunlight and expensive batteries. I have none of those issues and bought ours thinking it was not goimng to work for us with only one camera. It has a wide angle lens and covers bot doors and the halls and half the open floorplan living room and kitchen sitting on the fridge. We are going to go to one or two outdoor wireless cameras. To cover my workshop and drive. We went to Harbor Freight and got a driveway wireless alert system that signals like a loud doorbell when anything moves down the drive, for $11.99. No one can move inside without being recorded and our fridge and camera are black. Hard to see.


So one less waiting. I do monitor this in case I see them having fewer problems outdoors, plus Windows 10 mobile apps.


Arlo is exactly the right direction. Seems they can't afford a developer of their own. I'll watch, securely in the meantime.


OH, and for the folks here without the funds for development, a silly suggestion. THe ideal system would also not be dependent on local power and making a more expensive unit using cellular technology where folks have no Internet like my elderly parents who we had to buy a closed system today from Newegg. It is wired so not ideal, but he won't notice the wires as he has Alzheimers. 


NETGEAR with a Universal windows App you will reach more than 300 Million active users. Do you understand this is a good investment?

I need to buy a new system... in 2 months. I hope by that time a windows app will be available. If not I will adopt smartthinghs and Samsung. They have a Windows app and they are committed to the platform!



Hey thanks! The smartthings hub and devices comntrol sis compatible with my D-Link camera. You are right, smartthings has a Windows mobile app too! Thanks!


We are looking for a simple nanny & security camera system for ourselves and our parents. Would go out and purchase one of the Arlo systems today if it not for their lack of Windows support.


Its unfortunate that Netgear cant get their *ss in gear and offer a Windows App (phone, tablet, desktop, ..). We have 2 windows phones (ver 10) and a surface at home as well as 2 surfaces at work, yet no support??  Ridiculous.


I too will have to take my business elsewhere. Will checkout D-Link.