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Widget/Individual buttons to arm and disarm modes on my phone

I would like to have two "buttons" on my phone









(or one for each mode would be nice)


This was, I can arm or disarm with one press of a button,




open app

select mode page

(wait a ling time for that page to load)

selct "modes"

select which mode I want.




It would be very practical to have a widget on my home screen of my android so I can just push it to toggle from Armed to Disarmed (to toggle modes, so even custom modes could be selected for the toggle). That way when I'm walking up to my door I can push to disarm, and when I leave I can push to arm. Or when I'm in bed, I could push to arm, without having to remember to go into the app. I would be less likely to forget to arm it cause I'm always looking at my phone, so even if I don't remember until later I can see that it's disarmed (maybe green) and push it to arm (maybe it turns red), or vice versa. This would be ideal for the user to select the modes to toggle.


Any update on this? I have 6 cameras and having to arm and disarm each one individually is a complete pain.

Disable Lock Screen Widgets try this solution :

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Wouw. Its more than 2 years this tread opened and moved to "idea/future consideration" a few times.


And there is no explanation that we will get this widget or not ?

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This is a must-have. - what can be so difficult to not have this added after so many months and user requests!?
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This should be available to Android then as well!

Maybe the issue on this is that they can't figure out a design for a widget that would reflect the actual status of the camera? For example, it's conceivable that I might click "Arm" in my app, and because of connection issues, the camera doesn't actually arm.

The app waits for this feedback before updating. So any widget would need to do the same to reflect the actual camera status, not just the request.


So in terms of actual design, I would suggest a 1x1 or 2x1 widget with up to 8 indicator lights on it, one at each corner and on each side, and text at the center that toggles between "Arm" and "Disarm" and handles up to 8 cameras.

Indicator lights could have four states: nothing for disarmed, red for arming requested but not yet armed, green for armed, and yellow for disarming requested by still armed.

Something along those lines would be able to account individually for what the user has requested for each camera in addition to the actual status of the camera.

So if an "Arm" command was sent through the widget but did not actually succeed in arming a camera, for example, it would be visually reflected in the widget status lights. And if a camera went offline for some reason, it would be reflected here.

Something like this would accommodate the individual functioning of each camera, while providing a quick way to make requests to all cameras, which in my opinion is the greatest failing of the Arlo app as it stands today. It is very clunky to use.


So there you have it Netgear -- a reasonable and simple design for a widget that has been requested of you by users for years now. If design issues have been the holdup here, that's fine.

I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt when I can. But if, after having this issue on the table for years now and after being presented with a potential blueprint for the requested widget, you still do nothing, eventually one must conclude that you really just don't care about what users have to say.

If that is the case, please let us know by shutting down this forum altogether, and replace it with a notice to that effect. If this forum is just a place for people to vent but has no real effect on Netgear's priorities, it is a waste of people's time.

This is a simple thing we're asking. Something needs to be done.