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Weatherproof Housing for Arlo Q and Q Plus

Is there any hope of getting a weatherproof housing for the Arlo Q? No batteries and some additional features - the ability to mount outside would make this camera great.



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Just a quick though, that the Arlo Q Plus cameras would be perfect if they were weather proof.  I would buy a half dozen tonight, but if they can't be used to cover my driveway, entrance, back yard, etc...



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I was hoping the Arlo Q is finally what I've been looking for - a "wired" arlo cam for the many cases where I would be happy to live with a cable for electricity, so that I can have longer recording or live monitoring times....


What a disappointment when I read that the Q is NOT waterproof. 


Come one, do you even read the comments in these forums? SO many people wanted a "wired" solution for OUTSIDE!!!


The availability of a waterproof housing for the Arlo Q family would be greatly welcomed. I'm surprised this is not already been offered.


If available, I would purchase one and maybe two more Q's, and the housings.

I would like to add to this - a housing that would allow for temps that fall below the 14°F? I live in the mountains of NH where we get temps of -10° below 0F in the winter. I love the idea of these cameras, especially the battery operated, as I don't have electricity where I would be putting them.

I am enjoying my arlo wireless + arlo Q system very much.  It isn't perfect, but this forum is a great deal of help when it comes to new ideas and fixes - thank you all for your input!


My suggestion would be an extreme conditions outdoor camera.  Wired or wireless that could handle anything mother nature could throw at it.  I live where it can be 110 degrees at 95% humidity, or -30 fahrenheit at 5% humidity for extended periods of time (its a dry cold ;-).  We have had -20f weather for more than 20 days and nights in a row at times.


So I would like to see a camera than can take it and possibly with the option to be wireless or wired.


Just my suggestion, thank you for your consideration.





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This is my #1 concern.