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Upgrade/Promotional Buyback/Trade in program

Why doesn't ARLO offer an Upgrade/Promotional Buyback program? I'm a relatively new customer and yes I know the new cameras are backward compatible with whAt I have but I would like and could really use some of the new features for all my cameras.


ARLO PLEASE consider putting together a program to help out all your customers that have older equipment. Buying the newer cameras and base station to get some of the needed capabilites and functions is just not affordable for me.


Looks like this is still an ongoing issue and they ignore us lovely customers.


I've said it before and I'll say it again... SALES 101: Its easier to KEEP customers than it is to get new ones!


Come on Arlo, there needs to be SOME incentive plan, whatever it is... You already mark these new cameras up so much that your profit margin is huge!  Give a little back to the loyal customer who would like to continue to feed you money, but can't because of the high price of a new unit!  Please.


Would be nice if Arlo could provide some sort of trade-in discount for people wishing to upgrade to newer models.  Tossing old camera out is just too expensive and wasteful just for an upgrade.  Without an assentive such as trade-in there is no reason to purchase new cameras.


As we all know, this approach is used by US mobile carriers, who have a similar business model to Arlo (devices+services).    I think it's worth considering.

Well I have two sets of Arlo Cameras I have the Arlo pros and the pros 2 and I have about maybe 20 total and two base stations I was wondering if anyone knows or could help me on maybe seeing if there was a way I could send in all my cameras and get the newest ones out right now like an upgrade thing, or does that not happen!

There's no trade-in policy. You can remove all your devices from Settings, My Devices and sell them on your own to recoup costs of a new system.


Arlo should include the Arlo audio doorbell in their eligible list for doorbell trade ins of currently owned smart doorbells.  I find the audio doorbell useless, even after pairing it to a camera.  The new video doorbell would be so much more useful.  I would've held off buying the audio doorbell if I'd known they would release a video doorbell only a few months later.  I refuse to buy yet another smart doorbell after only 6 months of owning the audio version.  A trade in credit would definitely convince me otherwise though.  I chatted with someone in support and they said they have no authority over it.  Someone should take notice of this though!


I have 5 cameras and I will love to upgrade my system. Does Arlo have a trade-in program? 




Jose FWB, FL


Hello Sales,


Wonder if you have an upgrade program from the previous models to the latest. I have Arlo Pro that I've been using and wonder if I can trade them in to get the latest Pro 4 or Ultra 2.




Wondering if anyone has ever had costumer service respond to this inquiry/request for trade-in/upgrade support? We were just saying we really need to upgrade (can even make out license plate numbers) and would be so helpful to have some discount provided for being a loyal customer, and wanting to continue to be a custom, by offering a trade-in credit when upgrading to the latest/better quality cameras!


@LatteLover Yes, they told me they do NOT do upgrades/trade-ins and they don't foresee doing a program.


That was all, very blunt, basically they don't care about their current customers!


You'd think they'd learn from other business that do trade-ins, .... they can MAKE MORE money... because there are people that will by the used products, duh!


i was super annoyed a couple years back, when i had just purchased their Pro 2, it was brand new, and then they announced their ULTRA camera setup, I asked then about upgrading/trade-in... they did NOT want to deal.  Not willing to even talk more about it or send me up the line with the decision makers.


Bottom line.  the Makers of Arlo camera systems, don't care about their current customers.  They only want to get new ones or force you to purchase a new product.  If they understood SALES 101, "its easier to keep customers than it is to get new ones!"