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Multi Cell Battery charger for Arlo Pro

For mulitple cameras, the need to remove camera to plug in a charger is not idea. Need to be able to charge multiple batteries and swap as needed. An inteligent battery charger of 4-8 cells would be great. Have built in inteligence to fully charge then switch to trickle or off cycle to prevent damage to batteries.  This would allow battery inventory to be fully charged and ready to swap. 

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Take a look at this accessory available soon for Arlo Pro: Arlo Pro Charging Station (VMA4400C)



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Status changed to: Implemented

I did notice that and will most likely purchase a few sets. I'd still like to see the option of 4+ batteries. Maybe allow daisy chaining to reduce the number of chargers plugged into wall. 

The dual battery charger is a great idea for sure.  Does anyone know when they will start shipping?  I've had one on order for over a month.