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Upgrade/Promotional Buyback/Trade in program

Why doesn't ARLO offer an Upgrade/Promotional Buyback program? I'm a relatively new customer and yes I know the new cameras are backward compatible with whAt I have but I would like and could really use some of the new features for all my cameras.


ARLO PLEASE consider putting together a program to help out all your customers that have older equipment. Buying the newer cameras and base station to get some of the needed capabilites and functions is just not affordable for me.


If you purchased it 8 days ago, can't you return it for credit?




Thanks for your reply, but the issue is that I just spent quite a lot on a full 6 camera system that is not working as expected, so purchasing a 2nd expensive system that is compatible does not help.  




Yes, I could uninstall all the mounts and return everything, but would much prefer to just upgrade to the newer cameras, as they seem to have improvements in some of the areas I'm having trouble.  I can't just exchange, as the pro models are not yet available at the store, and it seems a 6 camera system is no longer even offered.  




You keep replying the same "script" answer to the growing legions of Arlo customers who are now not happy/confused/pissed off as to the release of the new Arlo Pro and being stuck/strung out having paid hundreds of $$$ for a security system that is now available and offering many, if not all, of the features people were initially looking to purchase but could not because Arlo/Netgear not only never informed customers of the upgrade but in my case when I specifically asked 3 months ago before purchasing that no new Arlos were coming out/improvements to the system were being made.


Basically, you keep pumping the idea of people now purchasing an Arlo Pro Base Station for customers to take advantage of some of the new features...WTF...HOW ABOUT ADRESSING WHAT PEOPLE WANT????   


Is it going to come down to people needing to start an online petition or something where customers can sign their names by the 1.000's to get your attention/PRESS because of their unhappiness/disgust with how this new roll out has taken place and how many thousands of customers have within a reasonable amount of time been lead to believe that the original Arlo was their only option and made the purchase and are now STUCK with units that are severly lacking in features compared to the new Arlo Pro...This isn't going to die down and it seems via another poster that Best Buy has stepped up to the plate and allowed that person to return their current and recently purchased system (though past original return date ie Best Buy )  and receive a full credit towards the new Arlo Pro system when it is released within a week or so.


It seems at least 1 Best Buy Manager is listening and yet Netgear/Arlo keeps pumping out the same scripted answers across the board which DO NOT ADDRESS THE QUESTION/S BEING ASKED!


The biggest shopping season of the year is right around the corner.  

A trade-up offer would be great, of course.  I have 11 of the original Arlo wireless cameras and just purchased an Arlo Pro 4 camera kit.  Personally, I am thrilled that Netgear has listened so well to consumer input for additional desired features.  I know that it isn't technically possible to add many of those features to  the original hardware platform, so I expected a new round of hardware at some point,  I saw the Q and Q Plus get introduced and was very happy with those offerings to address previously unmet needs in the Arlo system.  I haven't decided how to disposition my first generation Arlo cameras.  I might try to sell them or I might keep them with the batteries out and only deploy them when I vacation to provide extra coverage in areas inside the house where I normally would not deploy cameras when I'm home.


I must admit, when I see the Arlo pro come out it was nice.


I have the Arlo system, 1 base station 5 cameras. Let me tell you it was a total waste of money.

Batteries are my main issue. Sure you can set up all the recordings you want. Better have lots of batteries. The more your record, the more it sucks down the battery.


I then spoke to support many times are getting the cr123 rechargeable batteries. They stated not too due to the amps not being the same. Then they come out with a device that now has rechargeable batteries??

I get the whole technology changing and things get better. People like me spend $600 or more on this base system less than a year ago. Does Netgear really expect us to go out and buy another system because they enhance their crappy hardware?


They are the same in the Enterprise world as well with switches, and NAS’s.

I wish I could just give them back all of this stuff. If I could swap out the old stuff with the new Arlo pro I would. I like meaning of what they tried to do. But they need to take the non-recharable ones off the shelf.


How many of you are sinking money in batteries?

How many wish you would have bought arlo pro?


Netgear, I feel you should allow customers to turn in the old and allow us to replace with the currect. We have to much money to switch another vendor. Which is what you guys wanted.


Which states like " the new is compatible with old" yea yea yea. Customer sink money is things like this and then you come out with what we want. There needs to be a trade in. I cant go out and spend another 600 plus for 6 camera and a new base station. What about the one who have a preimum account. The ones who have more than 6 camera. Netgear do you relize, how much cash their sinking in batteries. You owe them.

 Netgear do what right, and allow use to get the arlo pros in replacement of our old. Nobody will buy the old ones again.

Agreed. This is what many current users experience. I spent thousands and so has my cousin and two of my neighbors. NetGear/Arlo doesn't seem to want to retain current customers.



This was posted last week or so in the Announcements Section of the Arlo pages by an administrator.


Ok, great...Though, it will be nice to see when they actually come out...Announcement says mid December/January...


Why did it take so long for Netgear/Arlo to come up/offer a rechargeable battery solution that they will stand by or even better has this been on the drawing board/tested for a while or is it a knee jerk reaction to get something out ASAP because of the current backlash of Arlo owners?


Very happy that this is coming and soon, but in the back of my mind I'm wondering how much they will cost per battery and how long the the charges will actually last in the Arlo vs the Arlo Pro.  You have 3 batteries in the Arlo vs 1 in the Arlo Pro.



Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo Cameras


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The Arlo team is working towards a certified rechargeable battery solution which will soon allow for Arlo camera users to safely use rechargeable CR123 batteries with their Arlo cameras. We are aiming for a late December to early January availability in the US.


That's great. But again it will be at the expense of our wallets. Our meaning us the customers. I realize you can't control this. But it's expensive for us. Here is what I suggest. Netgear should give out the rechargable batteries to customers that buy the arlo non pro. People who buy them after the pros are released well that there bad. Customers who have them before it came out Netgear should understand this and honor this. Each camera has a serial number tied back to the purchasing date. This will eliminate the fakes. Also hopefully the old base station will get the USB functions the new one has for external storage. You can expect to bring out a new product and tell the world how great it is. When customers  invested millions on the first generation arlo products


Just to be clear the standard Arlo system uses four (not three) 3V CR123 lithium batteries.  The Arlo Pro uses a large cube shaped rechargeable battery.


In theory we all purchased the original Arlo system after evaluating the features and costs of that system and reading product reviews from prior users of this system.  


No manufacturer says if you buy this system, we will upgrade you to the next new product we design and release in this same product space.  New tech products come out constantly...the only truely unfair model is when a manufacturers "bricks" a device we purchased or degrades the original functionality from what it was when we made our purchase decisions,


It is unrealistic to expect the functionality in a new system will be or even could be retrofit into a prior generation.  New systems likely start with a relatively clean slate design and only carry forward what is necessary and desirable in the evolution of the product family.  There can be very dramatic t


I think it is great that Netgear is planning to offer rechargeable batteries for the original Arlo.  I will be happy to stop buying CR123s and instead buy a set of rechargable batteries and a charging station.  I suspect the ROI will be pretty quick versus buying CR123s every 4 months.  The first purchase will likely be more expensive but at some point, I'll come out ahead.