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Update the firmware so motion capture can be based on movement or IR detection.

I set my camera up behind the front window of my house and it works fine during the day with no issues, and if I turn it on live it works fine at night to show my front porch with or without lights on.  It is not detecting motion that the video easily sees if I am watching live at night although it is easily visible. This should be a simple firmware update to adjust this so it picks up movement without using the IR sensor. I don't see why a firmware update like this this isn't available yet. It is way too easy to steal the camera if I set it up on my front porch which is always well lit. The Arlo Q senses motion it sounds like, but this camera should be able to also. If I turn on night mode the IR can't see through the window without major glare, but it sees everything plain as day at night with my front porch light on. Is there a workaround to use it through my window for the time being before they update the firmware on this? It seems like a simple fix.

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Infrared sensors do not work through glass, so no, a firmware update will not fix your problem. If you wish to use your cameras behind glass I suggest you purchase the Arlo Q or Q Plus cameras as they use pixel based detection, not infrared sensors.