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Unlimited live streaming...

I understand that the Arlo Pro 2 cameras can do unlimited recording with cloud storage if you pay extra for the plan.  My question is, if I want to live stream continuously to an iPad, it times out after about 30min.  I would like to continue to use the multiple Arlo Pro 2 kit for my house so I can have a unit outside observing the driveway and swingset to watch my kids, but at the same time also have one inside monitoring our baby.  I understand it isn't the "baby monitor", but as I just described, it can be used for other means both inside and outside, such as in the basement to monitor the kids playing, etc.  It makes the most sense to allow for me to monitor all of these things simultaneously since if the baby is napping, it's useful to be inside with the baby but to still be able to monitor the older kids playing outside.  


I understand the issue with the Arlo Pro 2 if it is on battery power to have it turn off after a set period of time, however, this unit can also be wired.  Perhaps there could be an option to "disable the 30 min timeout" default setting, or the unit could just notice that it is plugged in and automatically turn off the "time out" default.  This seems like an incredibly easy fix to just "allow continuous live streaming when plugged in" or something to that effect.  Myself and other family members that I have recommended this to may have to move on to another product if this simple option isn't available.  


Stating that unlimited live streaming is not available because solar panels are inadequate to maintain the state of chaerge requred and that 32 degrees is a temperature barrier are laughable excuses, not valid reasons, as demonstrated by leonine's case.

I am still waiting for an answer as to why an ac-powered camera cannot get live streaming.  The real answer, as leonine's case makes crystal clear, is that Arlo will not do it, rather than it cannot do it.

Notice I got a response when the issue was solar panels, but when I asked about ac-powered cameras:  no response.