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USB Recording Should Be Uploaded After Internet Is Restored

I have somewhat unreliable internet that sometimes drops out for 5 minutes then comes back.


My concern is that an intruder my break into my house during that downtime, or at least do some reconnaisance. 

I'd like any records that only went to USB not cloud, during the downtime, to be uploaded to the cloud once internet is restored.

This would stop me having to periodically check the USB to look for suspicious activity.


The software implementation would just have to record what was the lastest file uploaded and the latest file saved.  When internet was detected, it could periodically check if saved > uploaded, and uploaded until uploaded = saved.


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I have the same problem. My upload specs do not allow 4 cameras to upload HD quality simultaneously. Especially if 2 of the cameras are 4K. So, the uploads have to happen after the activity is done. It's actually even worse than that though, the microSD in the Ultra Smart Hub cannot even handle that bandwidth. We really need microSD cards in each camera which have to be uploaded to the hub when there's no activity, then uploaded to the cloud after that.

why has this still not been implemented? 2 years later!!!



I've tossed my Arlo in a box in storage because it's useless without local recording. I used to have multiple intrusions per month and the Arlo would catch something useful about 1 in 10 times. The image rarely would record anything until after the perp has left my yard. I think people know this about Arlo and so they know it's useless to catch them if they move quickly. I replaced the Arlo with super cheap cameras from China that have a MicroSD cards on each camera. They first capture to internal memory then upload to the cloud simultaneously while writing to the MicroSD. I successfully charged 5 perps with these cheap cameras and all the intrusions stopped. I've never used the Arlo since.