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Theft Deterrent

The cameras placed outside can easily be stolen.  The motion sensor lag sometimes does not capture video until it is too late.

I believe that each camera has its unique serial number.  It would be great if Arlo could disable stolen cameras or provide some ability to track or recover stolen cameras.  Even an image captured when an attempt(s) is later made to register the camera to a new base station.


Not only that, I think a stolen camera (it would assume itself stolen if active and then loses connection to base and not turned off) could be programmed to connect to any open wifi hotspots and ET Phone Home.


Can you use a different type of camera with the Arlo base? We've had two Arlo Pro's stolen.



In a previous entry I mentioned I would try a housing over the Arlo, but th IR was interfered with so that idea is no good as others have found. Also I like the idea that the Arlo is pretty weather resistant unit and works nicely as is. Next option for me to try is to place a microswitch connected to a siren/light so that if the unit is moved the siren goes off. I also think a would-be thief would place a piece of tape over the lens to avoid being recorded, so the thief would have plenty of time to remove the camera and various wires or locks. This is partly because the Arlo seems to take a few seconds to start recording once it sees motion and also because like many users I don't have the camera recording 100% of the time (to save batteries). So this microswitch option would at least (maybe) scare the thief away since they know they have been discovered in some way. I have put the outside cameras higher also to help prevent theft.



Community Manager

The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Lets face it.  This camera is dead on arrival until Arlo installs a gps tracker or id tracker for stolen cameras.

After you have one stolen you realize even with pictures of thief and police report your still screwed out of $100. Per camera. 


I have one mounted high - with ladder and caught great footage a month ago - got 200,000 views of FB.  Installed a second lower camera in the days following and it was stolen yesterday.  We watched it record for 2 minutes in the guy's pocket after being removed. Having a GPS tracker or some type of online registration for theft through Arlo - let us report the stolen number so it can't be re-registered!

I think if you were to include some kind of anti theft warranty through you guys it'd make sales a bit easier or at least work with companies to try and offer that warranty, the thing that deters most people away from an arlo sale on my end is that the ring camera offers that anti theft warranty. Just a sales idea I thought "might" help, thanks- Alex (Bestbuy store 1410)

Please work on better engineering so that the cameras can't be stolen. Especially since they run on batteries and you can't place them too high because of the need to change/charge batteries. 




The company should be able to help police get your camera back since this system is not cheap. It is an investment-- so Arlo should help customers protect it--espacially when they have the serial numbers and other tracking data on file that can be used to track or brick the camera.


Then create a sticker that promotes the fact it is "trackable" or  "useless if stolen" --that would really help cameras stay in place. I know some thieves would destroy the cams anyway, but it would cut down on their attempts-- once word gets out that  it is *not* worth it to climb on the roof and steal the cameras!


I hesitate to buy the product, even thought I really need it -- becasue in my hood people are very craft about stealing things--even if placed very high up.