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Support more storage options

There are 2 type of markets:


Group#1: You have the none-techincal people, who just want to turn everything on, and start using it as a "for dummies" style. Everything is simplifed and beautifully presented to them without need to know all the technical stuff. They are welling to pay a reasonable fee for making their life easier.


Group#2: On the other hand, you have the computer geeks, like myself, would prefer my recordings goes to local NAS and then automatic synced to my OneDrive, this way I get a copy locally and a backup copy in my cloud. I know how to configure it, am familar with troubleshooting if have a problem. and frankyly I couldn't care less about the the nice interface after it has been configured. And i don't want to pay for more money when I already got tens of GB of cloud storage available at my dispose.



I see Arlo is satisfying only group#1, and making some money off the subscription. But I think group#2 would prefer an IP camera over Arlo partly due to the space limitation. If Netgear can support pushing recording to various cloud storages (local NAS, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox...etc), then you might get more share of group#2 market.


I haven't even recieved the system yet and am disappointed at myself for not learning this sooner, and at Netgear for shackling us like this. 

Other commenters have mentioned that this system isn't perfect, only a piece of a comprehensive system. That could all change and have a huge impact on market share if Netgear would implement this one change. 

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There are several discussions involving additional storage options. While I do not have any information on the future implementation of more storage options I encourage you to visit and support the other ideas on this board involving them.


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Totally agree that local storage options should be available.  I guess I just assumed such an option would exist when I purchased.  Other than that - I love the system, but really can't recommend to anyone with this shortcoming.   Already been stated I guess - but advantage of storage options include:

  • no dependency on cloud service being available and performing well,
  • no potential exposure to my private content,
  • no dependency on my Internet being available,
  • no load on my internet connection, 
  • no artificial limits on storage or expired content,
  • no worries about a future change in 'business model' that may hold my content ransom.

Basically I just prefer to buy and own - than rent.

Please do the right thing for your customers.




I totally agree! Cloud storage should be either very inexpensive or free!!! Its not a cheap surveillance system to buy in the first place and the batteries are expensive to replace, then to have to be almost forced to buy extra storage (unless you want to clear the storage every 2 days or so) is ridiculous! 


It is shamefull to see so many users going un-assisted. My question is this...What are the USB ports for if it's not for saving files to a USB stick? Why can't a user select where to send the PC, USB. You made a boat load of $$ selling this over priced system. I installed this for an elderly client. As a security consultant I won't be reccomending Arlo. I will just buy 3 camera's & port them to my router for my own system.


So the reason we all are getting a camera system is for safety an also to see what happened.
Well if a real smart criminal wanted to turn your camera system off all the person has to do is cut your cable line outside.

If that happens then you lose all viewing of your camera an nothing was saved to the cloud.

My question is why isn't there a external hard drives capable of recording this arlo camera system? So at least when I can get home later that day I can see what really happened.

Absolutely ridiculous that a camera system of this price doesn't let you hook a hard drive to the USB ports.  I would take it back to the store if there were any other fully wireless options.


And if a real smart bad guy cuts off your power ( by easily pulling the meter ) nothing will record unless your security system and computer is entirely on batteries .


The system is what it is at this time, and local record MAY be an option in the future.  Not all systems fit all needs but that is for you to decide.


You know, that would be a nice feature for the mobile app (iOS, Android).  The mobile app could periodically ping the base station to see if it's online, and alert the user if that wasn't the case.  I know there are complications w/routers, firewalls, etc. but at least it's an idea.....


Completely agree.  I would be a starter if you could get something like this working.